Is Your Technology Services Company Providing Exceptional Value?

Is Your Technology Services Company Providing Exceptional Value?

Your technology and communications systems are the cornerstones of your business — but are they running efficiently or running your staff to the bone?  

Businesses in Florida know first-hand the complications associated with keeping their business running smoothly. Keeping business moving when you’re operating in a state that averages over 201 power outages per year — the most frequent power outages in the nation — can be an obstacle, but that is nothing compared to the problems that can occur when you’re attempting to manage sensitive business data and systems in an uncertain power situation. What’s worse, most of these power outages are unplanned and many are unexpected, with natural disasters making up the vast majority of the problems with consistent power. While state leaders are scrambling for ways to improve the infrastructure of the state with an ambitious underground power plan, having a secure business infrastructure starts much closer to home.

Quick Restoration of Services After a Storm

Getting your business back up and running quickly after a storm is priority one, but is your technical services provider up to the challenge? You want to think that you would be the whole focus of your business partner during a difficult time, but it’s vital to have a relationship in place that can weather the storm — literally! When your IT support partner has the stringent policies and procedures in place, as well as vetted solutions for business continuity, you are more likely to get your business back to operational readiness in a timely fashion. The time to discover whether your technology services provider is ready is long before problems occur, however. If you’re having difficulty getting access to answers or support on a day-to-day basis, you may not receive the proactive support that you need in the event of a true emergency.

Is Your Business Suffering From Performance Issues?

The time to rectify a problem with your business network is not after months of listening to your staff complain about slow connections, dropped phone calls and other operational inefficiencies. Instead, your IT services provider should be checking in on a regular basis to ensure that all tasks are being completed quickly and that your systems are fine-tuned to provide you with the best possible results for your business. Monthly or quarterly business reviews provide you with a level of transparency that brings small frustrations to light before they become big hurdles for your business growth. While it can be difficult to calculate the actual “cost” of slow network performance, consider the lost productivity and time required by staff members to perform each daily task. One organization in Australia did the calculations, and estimates that poor network throughput can cost up to 71 hours of lost productivity per year — per employee!

Do You Have a Roadmap for Ongoing Improvement?

A partner that is truly invested in the long-term success of your business will take the time to put together a roadmap of recommendations, and then help follow through to ensure that your business roadmap is followed in the future. Ideally, IT leaders and your business partners would document steps that are taken away from the roadmap with justifications, so you can use that information in budgeting discussions and strategy work in the future. Your IT services partner should continually be scanning the technology landscape to provide you with details of any upcoming solutions that will interest your business — potentially saving time and money or helping you leapfrog over the competition.

When you can count on the core infrastructure of your business, your internal teams can focus on delivering value back to your stakeholders. At ECW Network & IT Solutions, our experts have been providing trusted and valuable services to businesses in the South Florida area for decades. Contact our team today by calling or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free initial consultation. Since we are located in the area, we understand the unique challenges that are facing businesses in South Florida. From having a consistent source of power to ensuring that your offsite backups are fully redundant, you’ll see why we are the #1 IT services provider for small to mid-size businesses.

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