Private Cloud Hosting For Pharmacy Applications

Private Cloud Hosting For Your Pharmacy’s Applications — Flexible, Secure And Reliable

As technology continues to advance, the pharmaceutical industry is quickly adopting innovative technologies to enhance productivity, reduce errors, and ultimately, better serve patients.

Do you have the right cloud services to keep your pharmacy’s software available and protected?

Your pharmacy faces a wide variety of unique technology challenges — from improving communication with customers to embracing new opportunities for collaboration. The fact is that you won’t be able to keep up if you continue to use outdated IT infrastructure.

You need to move your pharmacy into the cloud — ECW Computers will help. Our team will deliver cloud computing options like private cloud hosting services that work to increase your efficiency and productivity, without having to risk your data in a public cloud setting.

What Does Our Private Cloud Service Offer Your Pharmacy?

Our Private Cloud Is Flexible

You don’t have to make your pharmacy fit into a one-size-fits-all cloud service. You choose how you want your private cloud is configured:

  • Private Cloud Hosting in Fully Redundant Data Center to ensure complete recoverability in the event of data loss resulting from a natural disaster or human error.
  • Microsoft Azure Hosting and Cloud Support that allows you to take advantage of one the world’s leading cloud services.
  • On-Premise Server Hosting and Support in the event that you prefer to keep your data hosted at your location.
  • Co-Managed IT Support from the ECW Computers team, providing expert assistance when your IT team needs it.

Our Private Cloud Is Reliable

With our private cloud service, you can trust that your data is accessible when you need it, no matter what.

  • Fully Monitored and Managed Systems prevents, detects, and resolves all IT issues in a timely manner.
  • Data Protection ensures your pharmacy’s sensitive data is safe from external threats.
  • Fully Staffed Helpdesk with 24×7 On-Call Support to address all of your technology-related questions, concerns, or issues immediately.

Our Private Cloud Is Secure

Stop worrying about cybercrime threats — with our private cloud, you’re protected against a range of potential attacks.

  • Two-Factor Authentication to protect your logins and prevent a stolen password from giving access to a malicious third party.
  • Security Awareness Training to show your staff how to protect your pharmacy against phishing and other forms of social engineering.
  • Firewall Advanced Threat Protection to develop a robust first line of defense against a wide range of cybercrime threats.
  • Managed Disk Encryption to make your data unreadable to unauthorized parties and even more secure in the event it is compromised.
  • Next-Generation Antivirus with Host Intrusion Detection to protect your cloud environment from cybercriminal software.

ECW Computers Helps You Leverage Private Cloud Technology

As patient demands and regulatory requirements continue to evolve, your pharmacy must harness innovative technologies to ensure your productivity, efficiency, and compliance with HIPAA requirements.

When you’re working with our team of IT experts, you’re able to leverage a robust and secure private cloud to ensure the future growth and success of your pharmacy.

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