Is Your Business Safeguarded From Disaster?

Your IT systems are the keystone of your business. Information is the power that keeps your lights on, after all. But information is always under constant threat of disaster in Broward County, whether it’s from natural hazards:

  • Power surges from electrical storms
  • Flooding and water damage
  • Fire and lightning strikes
  • High winds from hurricanes or tropical storms

Or even human disasters:

  • Malware like viruses or worms
  • Cyber thieves and hackers
  • Employee negligence

Constant threat requires constant vigilance, and ECW Computers can keep your business secure with a properly designed and implemented Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan. We will protect your IT systems and all your data by preventing data loss, detecting potential risks, and correcting problems before they can harm your business.

With the help of ECW Computers, you can have the peace of mind knowing for certain that your IT systems and data are protected from anything that might threaten them. We will implement a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan tailored for the needs of your business, so you can be assured:

  • Your Disaster Recovery Plan has been tested to guarantee its performance.
  • Your data backups are always monitored, ensuring success.
  • Your data is validated before it is restored, to prevent loss or contamination.
  • Your data can be restored with speed and efficiency, no matter what happens.

You can also rest easy on the security of your IT systems and data with ECW Computers. We will ensure all your data, emails, individual inboxes, folders, deleted messages, calendar items and more are fully encrypted and stored offsite for maximum security.

Don’t become one of these tragic statistics of businesses in Broward County:

  • Of the businesses in Broward that experience a major data loss after a disaster:
    • 51% close within 2 years
    • 43% never re-open
    • Only 6% manage to survive long term

Downtimes caused by IT System disasters cost small to midsized Broward County businesses up to $12,500 a day!

  • 47% of businesses in Broward don’t have a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan implemented to protect their information at all, AND, of those that DO:
    • 50% backup only 60% of their data
    • 28% never test their plan at all
    • 23% only backup their data daily
    • 17% don’t back up their customer information

Let us help you keep your business secure. Contact ECW Computers for a complimentary Data Backup and Disaster-Recovery Assessment and to learn more about the solutions we can offer.

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