Letter From ECW’s Eric Weast

Invest in a Technology Partner that Delivers Strategic Solutions

Are you looking for a partner to solve your technology needs? Learn how to choose a technology solutions provider that lets you focus on your core business.

Dear Fellow CEOs,

Great business partnerships are rooted in trust. Who do you trust to handle your most mission-critical technologies, keep your data secure and provide C-suite advice about future technology needs?

Working with the right technology services provider means you’ll have access to solutions designed to transform your business at every level. It also rests on a foundation of trust in your partner to access, manage, maintain and protect some of your most valuable company assets.

Such a relationship means you trust your partner to manage your hardware and software, troubleshoot problems with dedicated help-desk staff, optimize your technology to reduce system and network lag, minimize downtime. It means having a partner that provides comprehensive security and advises you on emerging technology solutions. In short, your strategic technology partner needs to bring you peace of mind and confidence.

As the founder of ECW Computers, I’ve worked for 14 years to build our reputation on trust, delivering customized solutions that help businesses throughout Broward County to thrive. Our focus is on business-first technologies that make a direct impact on meeting your strategic goals.

We also understand the importance of reliable technology partners. Our strategic partners include some of the top technology companies on the planet — Microsoft, Amazon, Dell, Fortinet and VMware.

Why are we the right choice for your technology needs? Consider the following:

  • We know small businesses. As a small business ourselves, we understand the opportunities and challenges that come with starting and growing a company. We’ve built our reputation on delivering best-in-class solutions quickly to customers, backed up by the support and training to ensure a high ROI
  • We’re there when you need help. We provide technical support 24/7, delivering expert guidance and solving technical issues in your greatest moment of need. Our attentive service commitment means your employees remain productive and that problems are resolved quickly
  • We deliver more than products and services. Our clients see us as more than service providers. We’re here to help with strategic decisions about the future of your business. We help with comprehensive IT assessments, regular consultations with our technical experts and recommendations for how to plan and budget for future technology needs

But we’re not for everyone. We want to work with companies that are committed to quality and growth. To make sure we’re the right fit for your business, here’s a checklist with the traits we’re seeking in clients:

  • Busy CEOs of High-Growth Businesses. Our service and support plans are laser-focused on solving your most pressing business needs. We provide comprehensive solutions to improve workplace productivity, drive innovation and allow you to focus on essential growth-related activities. We look for long-term strategic relationships with our customers. If you’re looking to manage your technology mostly on your own and only plan to contact us when you run into trouble or need a quick fix, then we’re probably not a good match
  • Leaders Who Want It Done Right. There’s one approach to IT support called “break/fix.” It’s an approach where companies only contact a technology provider when equipment is broken or networks are slowed. It’s a short-sighted approach that means the business sees technology as disposable. We want to work with companies interested in investing in the right technologies, infrastructure and tools that will have a long-term positive impact. We want clients that understand the importance of having a quality IT solution that works for their businesses.
  • CEOs That Want To Work With Professionals. We work with clients who want a thinking partner to help them solve critical business problems. Our team of highly experienced, trained and seasoned professionals is focused on delivering successful business outcomes, working in tandem with you and your team. We’re passionate about our work and about transforming our customers’ businesses.

If we sound like the right fit for your business, contact us today to learn about our technology solutions.


Eric Weast
Owner, ECW Computers

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