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Office 365 Migration and Support

Would you like to ensure your Microsoft Office 365 transition and set-up is secure and 100% efficient? Discover where to find the professional help you need.

There are many good reasons to migrate to Microsoft Office 365. These include:

  • Advanced security features such as message encryption, advanced threat analytics, and data loss prevention
  • Convenient cloud storage that allows you to work from any place that has an internet connection and makes it easy for your workers to collaborate with contractors or colleagues in other branch offices
  • Automatic updates to keep your systems optimized and secure
  • Reduced costs as you lower utility and IT infrastructure bills

At the same time, migrating to Microsoft Office can be a challenge, especially if you aren’t tech-savvy and need to make the switch without shutting down operations. That’s why ECW Network and IT Solutions offers Office 365 migration and support services to ensure that the transition is 100% smooth and problem-free.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations Support South Florida


Are you familiar with all that Microsoft 365 offers? What programs do you intend to use for your business? How, when and how often do you plan on using them? Our IT technicians offer jargon-free customer service that will help you get to know Microsoft Office 365 so you can see how its tools and features the best fit your company’s needs.

Once you have a usage plan in place, it’s time to create a migration plan. We work with each one of your departments to identify what data is being transferred to the cloud and what data, if any, will remain on company servers. We then assess how long the migration will take and set a time for the migration to ensure that it does not interfere with regular business operations.

Migration Process

Our team of dedicated IT technicians has a great deal of experience helping companies of all sizes and industries migrate to Microsoft 365. We take each migration seriously, checking and double-checking to ensure every single file is accounted for. Our migration process is 100% orderly to ensure your employees can immediately begin using Office 365 without undue hassle. What’s more, our team uses encryption to secure your files as they are in transit so that cybercriminals cannot access your valuable data.

Monitoring and Support

Microsoft Office 365 has much to offer; however, on its own, it can’t guarantee improved IT efficiency. ECW, on the other hand, has extensive experience offering the Office 365 monitoring and support services you need to increase business efficiency and boost IT optimization. We monitor your network 24/7 to ensure there are no internet connectivity problems, IT software problems, or other issues that would interfere with your work. We utilize the best cybersecurity practices to keep your data safe as it is accessed from the cloud or moved to and from the cloud.

Furthermore, our support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If you experience downtime, have problems running an Office 365 program, or need help dealing with an unexpected IT crash, our experts are on hand to offer remote and in-person support. Furthermore, we not only identify and remedy the cause of the problem but also offer expert assistance and advice to prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Microsoft Office 365 Support & Consulting

Using the best IT technologies, coupled with help from veteran IT experts, can enable your business to save time and money, boost employee morale and performance, offer improved customer service, take advantage of potentially profitable networking opportunities, and much more. If you need help migrating to Microsoft Office 365 or have already migrated and need support for your new IT set-up, get in touch with us to schedule an appointment with one of our IT experts at your convenience.

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