Are You Fully Leveraging Technology Tools to Grow Your Business?

Leveraging Technology Tools to Grow Your Business

Businesses are rapidly transforming, building new digital channels for sales and distribution. Does your business has the infrastructure you need to supercharge growth?  

Technology Tools

Twenty years ago, businesses were scrambling to figure out how to handle email marketing, rapidly assigning email addresses and gathering information for ongoing marketing. Ten years ago, the majority of businesses had fully integrated email into their business but were still struggling to upgrade websites to the latest technology. Today, websites are streamlined and digital workflows are the norm instead of the exception. What comes next? The growth of artificial intelligence, data analysis and augmented reality are going to be game-changers for many businesses, but these futuristic technologies all have one thing in common — the need for a robust, secure and ultra-fast network. Are you ready to take advantage of the full range of technical solutions that are evolving for your business?

Marketing + Technology = Match Made in IT Heaven

Imagine you have a direct competitor who offers products or services that are very similar to yours. Your businesses are approximately the same size, and you are targeting identical markets. The key difference between your organizations is not your production methodology or how services are delivered, but the marketing and communication strategies that drive initial sales. For the sake of argument, let’s say your website is still functional but definitely in need of an upgrade to improve customer interactions and make it easier for customers to finalize their purchase. Your competitor has the latest in engagement tools, allowing them to proactively suggest next-best actions for prospects and capture leads directly on their website for future followup. Which business do you think will have the most success?

Is Your Technology Ready to Support the Needs of Your Business?

Technology in support of marketing and sales requires more horsepower than ever before, and studies show that prospects will start navigating away from your site if the load times are perceived to be too slow. Want to quantify that in terms of sales? According to MachMetrics, a 1-second delay in your ordering process can cause a 7% reduction in conversions. The speed at which website pages load is a vital component of your business revenue, and without a fully-optimized site, you can be costing your business money. Google recently updated its search algorithm to dramatically favor fast-loading sites and those without a speedy start could be left out of the first few pages of search results completely.

Analytics Are a Differentiator for Business

Having the right data points at your fingertip is increasingly important for businesses that are trying to shave margins and boost revenue. With the right business KPIs in place, you can tell the difference between advertising that delivers 100 buyers versus one that only delivers 10. When you’re working with this level of business analytics, it’s important that you’re able to track your customers throughout their lifecycle from prospect to customer to repeat purchasers and deliver the right message at each stage of their journey. However, this requires fully integrated business systems and cloud-based data storage that will support the needs of your business.

Maintaining a high rate of growth for your business takes more than simply out-pricing the competition or creating a highly productive office environment. You also need to have the tools in place to support growth: detailed analytics, actionable metrics for improvement and the ability to tap into deep wells of data to analyze customer journeys. Are you concerned that your business is being left behind the competition due to aging technology or business infrastructure? Contact the technical experts at ECW Network & IT Solutions today at or fill out our online form to request your free initial IT review and consultation.

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