Advanced Security Threat Protection

Proactive Cybersecurity Reduces Complexity for Your Business

Are you simply in a waiting game — hoping that your business doesn’t fall victim to a serious cyberattack? 

Is your business struggling under a complex ecosystem of moving parts that includes multiple data sources, confusing cybersecurity strategies and inefficient processes? If so, defining a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy — while it does take time — might be the answer to reducing the complexity for your business while also providing the proactive security posture your business needs. With cybercrime accounting for a chilling $2 trillion in losses for 2019 according to Juniper Research, it’s difficult to justify waiting for an attack to happen before you revamp your cybersecurity strategies. Active monitoring, cloud-based data storage and system audits may be exactly what you need to help ferret out inefficiencies and simplify your operations.

What’s the Difference Between Proactive and Reactive Security Events?

While the terms proactive and reactive seem self-explanatory, the actual actions in terms of cybersecurity are quite different. With reactive cybersecurity events, you might receive notification of a problem after it’s occurred — but soon enough to salvage at least a portion of your system. With proactive cybersecurity, such as a virtual automated SEIM (Security Event and Incident Management) platform, you’re gaining access to an advanced toolkit that includes statistical analysis, machine learning and other methods of predicting activity that hints at a cybersecurity event. This allows your business technology provider to quickly assess the situation and make real-time changes that can block hackers from gaining access to your systems.

How Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies Combat Emerging Threats

Every 14 seconds, someone falls for a ransomware attack, and this is particularly frightening when you consider that cybercrime is widely considered to be underreported by businesses. The scope of the threats facing small to mid-size businesses often far outstrips the ability to recover, with up to 60% of small businesses unable to reopen after a significant data breach. With the average cost of a single incident rising above the $200,000 mark, it’s no surprise that businesses are actively investing in proactive cybersecurity strategies that can help combat these emerging threats. Proactive cybersecurity software packages are continually running analyses that can help identify potential security issues, such as the number of failed and successful logins, malware activity and other suspicious events. When specific business conditions are met that indicate an attack may be imminent, notifications are sent to individuals actively monitoring the account so they can take action to ward off the threat.

Protecting the integrity of your network and business applications is one of the most important activities you or your IT services partners manage. At ECW Network & IT Solutions, we provide an affordable approach to proactive cybersecurity, providing your IT and business leaders with the peace of mind knowing that the professionals are continually working to keep your business safe. Contact us today at to schedule a free assessment and review to see how we can help protect your business from the dangers that are lurking around every digital corner. You can always fill out our quick online form to speak with our Florida IT specialists!


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