How to Restore Technology Security When Your Business is Hacked or Breached

Restore Technology Security When Your Business is Hacked or Breached

Your business success hinges on being able to regain full access to data and business systems after a cyberattack. Does your internal team have what it takes?  

It’s your worst nightmare: you receive a phone call or email from your IT administrator or operations professional telling you that your company has been the victim of a data breach or malware attack. While a cybersecurity attack is often just a small blip on the radar for larger businesses, it can have a devastating effect on small to mid-size organizations. A recent study of 1,000 small to mid-size business owners that were victims of a data breach showed that more than 25% of these organizations filed for bankruptcy with 10% going out of business completely. This is often caused by a company’s inability to bring operational systems back online quickly and respond to customer needs. With phishing attacks and ransomware on the rise going into 2020, it’s vital to know the steps required to get your security strategy back on track after a breach.

Understanding the Root Cause

As you’re working through the data breach, one of the first steps that experts recommend is tracking down the root cause of the problem to ensure that you can remediate any holes in your security. IT cybersecurity professionals can work with your internal IT team to analyze traffic and provide the forensic support that you need to find the cause of problems post-incident. The results of the investigation should be reviewed and captured for ongoing analysis and to provide additional training opportunities for your teams.

Launch (or Update!) Your Cybersecurity Training Procedures

Now that you know what caused the breach, it’s vital to get your team back on track with a full-blown training process that will help ensure that the same issues don’t occur in the future. This could be anything from a temporary employee clicking an infected email link to someone failing to follow procedures or using improper password techniques. Creating a training schedule that incorporates the current problem, as well as other recurring potential threats, will help protect your business in the future.

Review Current Cybersecurity Protocol and Remediate

After an attack, Microsoft recommends reviewing your current cybersecurity protocol and that of your remote workforce, partners and anyone else with access to your data and business systems. Understanding what is happening in your cloud-based applications allows you to point out any potential weak points in your security and implement aggressive solutions to help protect your company from advanced cyber threats. Utilizing security systems that provide a seamless view of your network, paired with active monitoring, can help ensure that your business has 360-degree security to prevent future attacks.

Restoring your business to full operations after a cyberattack requires a great deal of attention to detail and a proactive approach to communication. Restoring your technology security is one of the first steps to help restore confidence in your business systems, and it’s not unusual to need assistance getting there. Contact the professionals at ECW Network & IT Solutions today at or fill out our online contact form to schedule your free initial consultation. We provide proactive cybersecurity solutions to businesses of all sizes and can help you bring your operations back online quickly after you experience an incident.

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