Security Assessment – Why You Need One?

You do regular maintenance on your car. You check the oil, tire pressure, amount of gas, and fluid levels. Why do you do this? To make sure your car is in the best working order. The network for your business is no different. You need to do periodic checks to make sure it is working at peak capacity. Network security is not a set it and forget it item. It is something that needs to be assessed on a periodic basis. There are several reasons for this.

Security Assessment

Threat Landscape

Due to different types of viruses and malware coming onto the scene, you need to make sure the security measures you have in place can identify and eradicate any threats to your system. Just because your network was up to date last month, does not mean it is still up to date this month. By conducting periodic checks, you can make sure that your network is armed with the latest threat profiles and remedies.


HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other government regulations state various protocols that need to be in place for compliance. Doing a regular security assessment can ensure that your business is following the current practices. This will require a review of the regulations and the network. A review like this can save the company money and downtime. Non-compliance could result in stiff penalties (fees) and possibly shutting the business down until compliant.

Already Compromised?

A security assessment can also alert you to malware/viruses already on your system. By conducting a check, you can see areas that have been compromised and determine how many systems are affected. Then you can put a plan in place to remove them safely from your system.

Employee Security

It’s good to review with employees how they handle suspicious emails, and if they know how to spot them. Additionally, how they maintain the integrity of their computers as well as any personal devices they use to connect to the network. The more people that connect to the network from their personal devices means the more access points that hackers could have. Reviewing security policies and procedures can lessen the threats to the network. This is especially important if there has been any type of staff turnover.

You Need A Regular Assessment

By reviewing your system, you can check to see if redundant protocols are in place, outdated protocols, or if parts of your network are not protected at all. It is better to conduct periodic reviews to determine vulnerabilities then to have a wait and see attitude which can be detrimental to your data’s integrity.

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