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Network SecurityWhen thinking about your network security, it is important to have a comprehensive approach. There are many variables that can affect the health and security of your system, and it is important to analyze the system as a whole to see how everything interrelates. This can include reviewing current policies in place, understanding your network, gathering usage data, and planning for the future.


It is important to review the current policies that are in place to determine if they are adequate enough to monitor and eradicate any threats to your network. There are new threats on the horizon constantly. It began with viruses and malware and has blossomed into ransomware and major breaches. Policies that are out of date could end up doing great harm to your system and compromise the integrity of client data. Regular review of policies and procedures should be a mandatory event in your organization.

Understanding Your Network

It is hard to protect a network you don’t understand. It is a great idea to map your network so you have an understanding of how many people can access the network, and how many devices they can use to access the network. Creating an overall picture of your network gives you a more concrete view of where your vulnerabilities lie and how everything interacts. This will allow you to determine the best protections that you need to put in place to keep your business information safe.

Usage Data

Part of monitoring your network is understanding your usage data. This can show if there are a large number of people who access the network remotely, or if there are busier times for the network during the work week. It is important to determine what you can and cannot monitor regarding employee’s personal device usage related to work practices. Regular usage data logging/monitoring can help determine the difference between regular work activity and suspicious activity.

Planning for The Future

All of the information gathered helps to determine the current protections in place and what changes need to be made in the future for the strongest shield against intrusions. Everything needs to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis. There are changes to organizational structure and new threats emerging all the time, so a regular review is required.

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