A Sneak Peek into Windows 11

A Sneak Peek into Windows 11: What’s In Store for Users?

Microsoft has been working around the clock to wow its users with a new operating system – Windows 11. With the official unveiling still in the distance, one can’t help but become curious to find out what new features, apps, widgets, gaming technologies, etc., will be available in Windows 11 OS.

In a June 24 event, Microsoft introduced Windows 11, giving a teaser on what to expect from the latest operating system upon its official release. But don’t worry if you missed the event; we wrapped up everything that was discussed in this blog, including:

  • New features and integrations to expect
  • Key business solutions in Windows 11
  • Release dates

New Windows 11 Features and Integrations to Expect

New User Interface (UI)

Windows 11 comes with a new look and feel that’s tipped to enhance user experience beyond imagination. In particular, the floating, centered taskbar, and start menu are the two most noticeable UI components in Windows 11. Besides giving it a drastic new look, the new UI design also ensures that Windows 11 is 100% touch-friendly, enabling users to find anything from their PC trouble-free.

The Start icon offers effortless access to your popular documents, files, and programs, i.e., those that you navigate the most on your PC. And the best part? The Operating System leverages Microsoft 365 and the cloud to sync your files and documents with other compatible devices. That means you can still access your most recent Windows 11 files from other synchronized devices or platforms without compromising security.

Besides the Start Menu, other notable Windows 11 User Interface improvements include the rounded edges and the overall design compactness. You’ll also love the Snap Layouts – a feature that empowers Windows 11 to remember what you’re doing and save it in the taskbar for hassle-free access.

Gaming Technology

Microsoft announced that it introduced new updates for gaming on the new OS. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you’ll love the massive collection of games, incredible speeds, and breathtaking graphics that will come with Windows 11. Below are some of the most amazing hardware-centric features that you can expect from the improved gaming tech:

  • Auto HDR. With this feature, games will automatically update their colors and looks, making them more life-like and unpredictably thrilling.
  • Direct Storage. With Windows 11’s direct storage, games will load directly from the graphics card without interfering with your PC’s processor. Thus, it will eliminate glitches, make games load faster, and save massively on space for an incredible gaming experience.
  • DirectX 12 Ultimate. This is the feature that you need to enjoy the clearest graphics at high frame rates, causing an immersive gaming experience.

But wait, that’s not all; Microsoft has also made Windows 11 compatible with many great gaming accessories from reputable providers. What’s more, online gaming is as smooth as it can be, and your preferred device (console or PC) doesn’t affect the experience. Microsoft is also tipped to enrich its game selection by updating the Xbox Gaming App to bring Cloud Gaming to Windows 11 that enthusiasts can stream over the internet.

New Widgets and Animations

Brace yourself for Microsoft Edge and AI-powered widgets that are customized to serve you with the most curated content on Windows 11. The neatly stacked widgets are aimed to eliminate the urge to grab your phone or other devices whenever you need something since they already shadow the exact smartphone experience. You can effortlessly choose topics you want to keep tabs with, support your favorite creators through tips, and rearrange the widgets as and when you want.

You also won’t get enough of the animations that have been modified to look and feel more natural. This is evident right from the Start Menu to the closing of windows. You’ll agree with us that the animations are way better than those available on mobile operating systems.

A New Microsoft Store with Android Apps

The previous Microsoft Store has gotten a significant boost in Windows 11, as it will include countless Android Apps that will run via the Amazon App Store. But that’s not even the best part; the Apps will run independently on Windows 11, i.e., without the need for a phone. Plus, you can drag them around and pin them on the Start Menu of the taskbar.

Besides the Android Apps, Microsoft also announced updates to its Windows-based apps. Some examples mentioned during the June 24 event include PWA, UWP, Win32, Disney+, Adobe Creative Cloud suites, and more. Microsoft also seemed to have taken a shot at Apple by announcing that it’ll launch its own commerce engine for the native apps, enabling creators to take home the total revenues generated.

Key Business Solutions in Windows 11

Since the pandemic’s outbreak, Microsoft has been at the forefront of empowering people to work remotely, thanks to its productivity suites and communication solutions. Windows 11 is here to optimize that by featuring critical business solutions discussed below.


Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular and feature-packed communication and collaboration platforms in the market. It’s excellent for remote working as it supports real-time video presentation, conference calls, screen sharing, voice calls, among other awe-inspiring capabilities. In the new Windows 11, Teams icon is integrated into the taskbar for hassle-free accessibility upon signing up.


Cybersecurity breaches are at a record high, thanks to the high-level vulnerability resulting from most people working online. But Microsoft, being an industry leader in security matters, has promised to optimize user data safety through its latest cybersecurity solutions. Windows 11 comes with advanced anti-malware systems to protect both on-prem and cloud-based data from exploitation. Further, Microsoft promises to provide regular and timely updates, keeping users a step ahead of the threat actors.

Snap Multitasking

The new Snap Multitasking feature enhances the work experience by eliminating the need to drag and resize windows constantly. Thanks to Snap Groups and Snap Layouts, users will be able to position windows side-by-side in a few clicks. This will allow you to multitask on different windows without missing out on the updated UI.

When is the Release Date?

In a word, Microsoft didn’t confirm an official release date for Windows 11. However, the company assured users that Windows 11 would be available as a free update for all Windows 10 users by the end of this year and 2022. That means new PCs manufactured and distributed later this year will come powered by the new OS already. But for more information on how you can get Windows 11 earlier than the official release date, you can check out this Microsoft page.

Over to You!

Now we can’t wait and see how Windows 11 will enhance the user experience and creativity with its numerous new updates in gaming tech, UI, widgets, animations, etc. And for businesses, the new OS will, without a doubt, redefine and improve productivity, security, teamwork, cost-savings, and many more.

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