We have been a client of ECW for the past 4 years. As with many relationships this one has developed and improved over time. We know we can rely on the team at ECW to handle our service tickets quickly and accurately the first time. More complicated issues are elevated to staff who consistently win my trust over and over again. Most recently during the COVID 19 outbreak, we had to quickly move the majority of our staff offsite to work remotely. This involved procuring laptops, setting workstations up offsite and training these same staffers how to use these devices safely from their homes. ECW wins 5 stars for their commitment to getting this done for our Company as quickly and efficiently as possible and for continuing to respond quickly to ongoing service requests even after moving their own staff offsite to work remotely. I truly feel they are an integral part of our Company’s success.

Suzanne Panico, CFO

Mack Mack & Waltz Insurance Group

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