Stop Cyberthreats Before They Start With Proactive IT Security

Proactive IT Security Services in South Florida

It only takes a second and a single click by an unwary staff member to lose thousands of dollars — or does it? See how proactive security solutions help protect your business.  

Is your current cybersecurity support up to the challenge that hackers are throwing your way? Reactive solutions that sit back and wait for a problem to occur before leaping into action are a big problem for companies because it only takes a few moments of access for a hacker to cause untold damage to your business. Without access to smart software solutions that provide a holistic view of your business and advanced threat protection solutions, your business is at risk of sustaining a major attack. Fortunately, there are next-level IT security solutions that have the flexibility to ensure the security of your business both now and in the future.

What’s the Difference Between Proactive and Reactive Security Events?

As you might expect, reactive security tends to focus on the activities that occur after a breach event while proactive solutions are engineered to stop incidents from occurring. When you consider the physical security of your building, which do you think is more effective: keeping unsavory individuals from entering your building or stopping them from taking an action once they’re in the door? When you think of security from that perspective, it’s easy to see why proactive cybersecurity is the choice of businesses and individuals alike. Some of the benefits of proactive security include:

  • Network transparency and visibility, providing you with immediate access to questionable activities
  • Access to a virtual, automated SEIM (Security Event Information Management) platform
  • High-level SOC (Security Operations Center) that looks across the organization
  • Software with a basis in machine learning that is continually looking for exceptions to the defined business rules

As a proactive software solution continually scans your network, it is actively monitoring trends to create a secure, highly efficient network. Conversely, reactive security solutions are more focused on quick remediations and software that works to “rope off” affected systems to prevent the remainder of your network from being infiltrated.

How Proactive Security Helps Combat Emerging Threats

Reactive software platforms can only protect against known threats that have been fully identified and have digital markers. With a proactive security solution, your business is also equipped with protection against emerging threats that have not yet been fully defined. While your solution may not completely be able to identify specific activities as a known virus, your systems are also scanning for suspicious activity. Cybercriminals are continually changing their tactics, making attacks increasingly difficult to detect. The additional visibility that you gain with a proactive cybersecurity solution may be exactly what your IT services team needs to keep your business safe.

When you are trying to keep your organization safe from attack, you need more than simply another IT company — you need a full-fledged partner that is committed to your long-term success. At ECW Network & IT Solutions, our team works proactively with our clients to ensure you are fully protected from the attacks coming from all directions. Contact us today at or fill out our online scheduling form to request your free initial consultation and see how we stop cyberthreats before they can even happen. Our deep experience in the South Florida community is a testament to our willingness to go the extra mile for our clients.

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