Interactive Learning Brings Chrome and Dell Together in the Classroom

As part of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2016 Conference, Dell recently introduced three new interactive displays that are specialized for interactive learning in the classroom. At the same time, the company announced the new Dell Classroom, a Chrome-based software platform designed to close the collaboration gap between teachers and students by connecting them with innovative technology solutions and tools in the classroom.

Dell Classroom Computers

Dell Makes an Investment in the Global Classroom Model

To help foster advancements in global classroom educational methods, Dell has introduced three interactive displays and an interactive projector specifically built for classroom collaboration and presentation.

“Educational environments are more interesting when students get to speak up, share ideas, work together and learn the way they want to learn,” said Bert Park, Vice President of Software and Peripherals at Dell. “These new displays allow students and teachers the opportunity to interact and create, making learning easier and more fun.”

The new interactive displays include the following features:

Interactive Projectors (Models S560P and S560T)

The newest interactive projectors offer a cost-effective alternative to the touch screen line. The products offer large-screen interactivity while allowing teachers and students to convert almost any wall into a fully functional 100-inch interactive display. The images are broadcast in Full HD 1080p, and they are easy to set up and disassemble. The projectors have plug and play connectivity across multiple devices.

70-inch Interactive Conference Room Monitor (Model C7017T)

Dell introduced the 70-inch interactive conference room display as the company’s first interactive-touch, full HD 1080p product. It offers a 10-point hand touch plus two styluses, an anti-smudge and anti-glare coating on the viewing glass, and enhancements for clearer images and text.

It is easy to manage and connect and has multiple ports for instant plug and play accessibility. The display also comes with wireless connectivity and remote support available.

Dell Arrives to Class with Chrome at the Ready

The new Dell Classroom is a Chrome-based software platform designed to foster individual engagement and student-centered learning between teachers and students.

The software solution builds on the growing need for collaboration tools in the classroom that are easy to use and interact with. Student-led learning is key here, and the software focuses on student-teacher engagement and interaction to that end.

With the Dell Classroom and its partnership with Chrome, students and teachers can enjoy technology that allows a completely innovative level of engagement with the world. Dell Classroom brings devices and tools of collaboration together for streamlined interaction at all levels of learning, and best of all—the software is free for those classrooms using Dell Chromebooks.

Some of the features of the Dell Classroom drastically change the landscape of teaching and schooling as most of us know it:

  • Dell Activity Light functionality increases learning and participation in a newly digitized classroom. It allows students to raise their hands digitally and message their teacher privately if they’d rather not ask a question out loud.
  • The software comes equipped with customized user interfaces for students and teachers, and offers a Student/Teacher chat option as well as a Bulletin Board for important notices and events.
  • Teachers get a platform that allows for increased efficiency in the Teacher UI Activity Drawer, which helps a busy educator quickly identify which students need extra assistance.
  • Students get the added benefit of group chat, quizzes, and polling capabilities.

Dell is making great strides in the digital classroom and in global learning across the spectrum. If you’d like more information on how to incorporate Dell products to streamline your business operations, is your local IT servicer and Dell business expert. Contact us at or send us an email at for more information.

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