Have You Planned for the Inevitable?

Disasters – from cybercrime to human error to natural occurrences – are inevitable. Do you have a business continuity plan in place to keep your company going?

Disasters are inevitable. Just take a look at history. In 2013, a fire occurred at the St. Jacobs Farmers’ Market north of Waterloo, ON – impacting the entire community and causing roughly 2 million dollar’s worth of damage. In the same year, a severe ice storm struck the central and eastern parts of Canada – taking businesses down left and right throughout the country.

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Each and every year, profitable businesses go out of business because they failed to plan what to do before, during, and after disaster strikes. Throughout the past few years, businesses should’ve taken away some critical facts about planning for disaster:

  • All types of threats must be considered
  • Business continuity plans must be updated and tested frequently
  • Copies of plans must be stored in secure offsite facilities
  • Data backups must be stored far away from the primary site
  • Telecommunications must be considered and accounted for

knows business continuity planning is about more than information technology, it’s about keeping the business going, no matter what type of disaster happens. That’s why we make sure business continuity plans:

Consider every vital aspect of recovery

We go above and beyond making sure applications and files are backed up. We also make sure you’re able to access and/or leverage telecommunications, maintain connectivity, and work in an offsite location if needed.

Reviewed on a semi-annual or annual basis

We’ll go over the plan on a semi-annual or annual basis, in order to ensure the plan is entirely up-to-date with backups being made and tested properly. This eliminates the chance for inability to recover.

Communicated to existing and new employees

We’ll work with your existing employees, as well as any new employees you bring on, to make sure they understand the business continuity plan – and their part in recovering when disaster strikes.

Don’t let disaster take you down. Contact to find out more about our business continuity planning. Call or email us at for more information.

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