Have You Added Computer Network Security to Your List of Business Resolutions for 2015?

Here’s 4 Computer Network Security Tips to Give You Peace of Mind

Computer Network SecurityIn the ever-expanding digital and online connected world, the need for privacy is coming to the forefront like never before. People across all borders continue to put across concerns and apprehensions about their privacy, be it online or offline. And when your privacy is at stake, you should not take any chances. Here are the top 4 privacy tips that will help you protect your personal information in 2015:

  1. Change your passwords at least once a month:

This is the oldest trick in the book but we seldom use it. If a hacker somehow gets access to either an online account or email, you’d be surprised to know how easy they can make use of your personal information and impact your life. Change your passwords every month and make them strong by using letters, numbers and special characters and do remember to log out once you’re done.

  1. Share with a lot of care:

Be very careful and aware when you do post or share videos or pictures online on any social networking websites. Set your security and privacy settings to the level you are comfortable with information sharing. It is recommended that you limit with whom and how you want your information to be shared. Lately; reduce the size of your friends list. Keep only the ones you trust and know, and for the rest, just press the delete button.

  1. Take extra precautions while using mobile devices:

These days, mobile devices are like tiny remote controls; every now and then you forget where you kept it. Because mobile devices are more portable and small, it is quite likely to experience mobile device loss or theft. To make matters worse, mobile devices also store enormous amounts of information, which if fallen into the wrong hands, can create a lot of trouble for you. Use encryption for sensitive information and enable remote wiping of your personal information from the device in the event of theft or loss.

  1. Create one e-mail account for “spam” usage:

Yes, you read it right! Opening up a new online account or signing up for services or making an online purchase usually requires a user to share their e-mail address. If you’re under the impression that the website you are signing up with is not trustworthy, give your e-mail address which you created just for this purpose. Even if these websites share your email address with third party or online marketers without your knowledge or permission, there is no way they will be able to flood your personal email with potentially malicious spam emails.

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