Does Your Fort Lauderdale IT Company Protect You From RansomWare?

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There’s a terrible new kind of virus circling around the Internet these days that business owners need to be on the lookout for. All it takes is opening the wrong email attachment, and BAM! All your files and applications get locked out, and all you see is a terrible warning message:


This is the frightening new reality of ransomware. As soon as one of these viruses gets on your computer or network, all of your files are encrypted and locked out. If you haven’t backed up all the data that’s being held hostage, you’re left with only two options:

  1. Pay the criminals their ransom money.
  2. Wipe your entire network and start over again from scratch.

Neither are good options.

So how do you stay safe? You need more than the basic anti-virus program you got when you bought your computer. Most Fort Lauderdale IT companies aren’t offering the complete security solution you need to be protected from ransomware, but is on the job:

  • Fully managed anti-malware protection – not only preventing most infections, but also constantly scanning for signs of viruses that slipped past defenses, and immediately locking down your systems to prevent further contamination.
  • Managed firewalls – protecting your network from unauthorized access without slowing down your Internet speed, so you stay safe AND productive.
  • Continuous data backup – regularly backing up ALL your files and applications, so even if ransomware somehow gets through your defenses, all you have to do is click a button, restore your data, and wave goodbye to the fuming cybercriminals.

Don’t find yourself held hostage by these cybercriminals looking to exploit your business. Turn to , the leading Fort Lauderdale IT Company, for a complete IT security solution that keeps you safe.

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