Exploring the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens

Located in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens is a living oasis of art, nature and culture. The tranquil gardens are home to world-renowned sculptures, stunning landscapes and beautiful plants. With nearly two acres of land to explore, visitors can discover why this hidden gem is one of South Florida’s best-kept secrets.

History of the Gardens

The Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens were founded by artist Ann Weaver Norton and her husband Ralph Hubbard Norton in 1953. After purchasing the property, Ann began transforming it into an outdoor sculpture garden for her works. She also dedicated her time to carefully designing and curating the beautiful landscapes that surround them. Throughout her long career as an artist and sculptor, she continued to add new pieces to the gardens until her death in 1982. Today, these gardens are open to the public for all to enjoy.

What You’ll Find at the Gardens

The grounds of the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens are a sight to behold. The grounds feature several different habitats including a tropical hammock with native plants such as mahogany trees and ferns, a lush herb garden with various culinary herbs and spices, a bamboo grove with towering bamboos reaching up towards the sky, and many more. In addition to these natural wonders, you will also find several sculptures dotting the landscape. These include “Cypress” – a massive bronze sculpture created by Ann herself – as well as other works from artists around the world such as Henry Moore and Auguste Rodin. Visitors can take guided tours through the gardens or simply wander at their leisure while taking in all of its beauty.

If you’re looking for a unique experience that combines art, nature and culture then look no further than The Ann Norton Sculpture Garden! From breathtaking landscapes to awe-inspiring sculptures from around the world – there’s something for everyone here! Come explore this hidden gem today and discover why it’s one of South Florida’s best kept secrets!

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