ECW Reminds Florida Businesses of the Importance of Two-Factor Authentication

How a small security change can make a huge impact in the protection of sensitive data

DEERFIELD BEACH, FL – August 16th 2016 – Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an easy but extremely effective way to add an extra layer of protection to your important data. There are several options available, all of which can be set up to work with the login protocols already in place. The premise of 2FA is simple. In addition to the usual password, a secondary verification such as an automated phone call, a pin code sent via email, a secure smartphone app, or even a fingerprint scan will make it that much harder for unauthorized individuals to access your system, network, and data. 2FA can be implemented to assist any business in their protection efforts and can be implemented on any type of device.

Two Factor Authentication

2FA is already being used by many large corporations seeking to protect large-scale databases of sensitive information. However, small businesses should take advantage of this technology as well. The team of IT experts at ECW, firmly believe that 2FA technology should be an integral part of every business’ security efforts. It is a service they use internally on all secured systems and offer to all of their clients, tailored to the specific needs of each individual business. An added benefit to 2FA is an alerting option to have failed logins instantly reported to selected staff, allowing passwords to be changed and other measures to be taken to prevent a security or data breach from occurring.

Eric Weast and the entire team at ECW believe that technology should never cause more problems than it solves, and is used best when it keeps problems from happening in the first place. 2FA allows for an IT environment to have an innately proactive and strong foundation in the fight against intrusion. Eric Weast, CEO of ECW claims focusing on 2FA is just part of the ways in which the ECW team is committed to staying vigilant for clients. “2FA is an integral part of security for any business, including our own.” Weast states. “Furthermore, the 2FA solutions we recommend are not SMS based so any security concerns regarding intercepting the SMS authentication are negated.  Recently the National Institute of Standards and Technology, ‘NIST’ released statements critical of SMS methods used in many types of 2FA authentication products.  In a continuing effort to provide our clients the most current technology available, ECW will only implement 2FA solutions that do not utilize SMS based authentication methods”.

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about the benefits of 2FA don’t hesitate to reach out to ECW. A quick interview will not only help your readership learn more about this fascinating security advancement from the experts at ECW, but also how it can contribute directly to the achievement of business visions.


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