Cloud-Based Security as a Service Provides The Best Protection Available Today, At an Affordable Price. 

The team at ECW is proud to announce our new partnership with BlackStratus. We’re doing this to offer CYBERShark Cloud-Based Security to our clients.  With it, we’ll reduce your risk, respond to threats faster, and ensure you’ll meet regulatory compliance for data protection.


Cybercriminals often attack small-and-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to launch attacks against other larger targets. In addition to their data, most SMBs have access to partners’ computer systems, and access to their valuable data and intellectual property.

You might think of yourself as a small company that criminals won’t bother, but you’re at a significant risk. For businesses of up to 1,000 employees the risk of a data breach is 80.2%, which is 35% higher than the risk for large organizations.

With CYBERShark Cloud-Based Security from ECW, you’ll receive continuous security monitoring and updates, and the peace of mind that your network and data are protected 24/7. Our professionals leverage their years of experience, in-depth industry knowledge and business-process know-how to:

  • Protect your business from growing threats like Ransomware,
  • Improve your overall security posture, and
  • Provide new technologies that can promote the productivity and profitability of your business.

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Protecting information assets has become a priority to meet compliance requirements and secure sensitive data. Today, we can implement strong security practices while keeping investment and operational costs contained. SaaS offers a way for you to access security services that are robust, scalable and affordable.

According to a recent article in CIO Magazine: Regardless of your size and protection concerns, adding Security as a Service to your cybersecurity portfolio is increasingly a question of when not if. And while it won’t solve all your security issues, or absolve you of responsibility or at least accountability for that protection, it will provide you with greater safety at a lower cost.

Protect Your IT Assets with Cloud-Based Security as a Service (SaaS) From ECW Computers.

Ready to build a secure information technology foundation?  Let ECW provide the Cloud-Based Security your organization needs. With it, you can better serve your clients, and grow your business in South Florida.

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