South Florida Aviation Company Turns to ECW for All IT Support

IT Support For South Florida Aviation Companies

Can an IT company be too big for your needs?

This is an interesting question being considered by a recent client of ECW. Here at ECW, we are proud to provide an excellent suite of full-stack IT services for local South Florida businesses. But we were surprised to hear that a local South Florida aviation company was unhappy with their current provider. It seemed that their multinational IT provider was simply too big to provide direct value to a small but 50-year established aviation company like our new client.

This got us thinking; How can an IT company become too big to serve their small to medium business customers?

South Florida Aviation Company

South Florida Aviation Company Turns to ECW for IT Support

Aviation is an industry where technology solutions, like everything else, must be precise. Having an IT team that is inattentive could be disastrous when managing software that regulates aviation testing or safety standards. If the IT team is not ready to stay attentive to an aviation company’s needs, the business will not be able to fully utilize its technology solutions and resources.

In the case of the South Florida aviation company, they had been contracting with large multi-national IT services and hosting company. While they were capable of providing all the technical requirements of the aviation company including server hosting, the aviation company was too small to be treated as important by the international IT services support team.

This is why the aviation company turned to ECW.

What The Aviation Company Needed To Know

This South Florida company didn’t just jump in, we know that companies make their IT support decisions carefully. Before committing, they had a few questions to ask.

Could we provide them…?

  • Server Hosting Solutions
  • Cloud Migration
  • Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • IT Help Desk Services

Can we do it? Absolutely.  Here at ECW, we build custom IT solutions for every business we work with. Full-service IT means providing support covering every point needed by a modern business. Network maintenance, cybersecurity, cloud services, backup recovery; it’s all part of the unique IT solutions or combined Managed IT services for your business.

When Is An IT Provider Too Big for Small Business?

That we can provide everything this South Florida aviation company need was never in question. The interesting question is why their previous IT services provider was too big to provide valuable service to a small business like our aviation client. When does an IT provider become too big for their clients?

It happens when automation overtakes customer care. Automation is great, and having a dashboard of tools can make it easier to self-manage your assets. But IT services involve more than a platform with a few software tools. You should also gain the benefit of IT experts; an entire team of IT specialists who can provide both guidance and partnership in making your IT infrastructure as advanced, effective, and secure as possible. You deserve full utilization of your resources, tools designed for your needs, and oversight from live, attentive admins who are personally managing your network.

Big vs Small Business IT Services

The real difference is how personal management is assigned. In a multi-national IT service provider dealing mainly with large enterprise companies, a KAM or Key Accounts Manager is assigned to interface with the IT representative client companies. But if your company is not large enough to be a “key account” then you simply never see that attentive, personalized level of service. IT may be mechanical, but each IT network and asset structure should be unique.

Local IT providers, however, tend to be small teams of dedicated admins to care about every network they manage. Specialists are assigned to oversee managed IT and to consult on special projects like upgrades, security, and compliance. There is something beyond the servers and dashboards that makes local IT services and managed IT more valuable to your company than a dashboard IT service.

Beyond the Knuts and Bolts: Managed IT in South Florida

What is the real difference between IT for small to medium businesses? It’s the custom solutions and personal attention to detail. Your servers and assets aren’t just one in thousands of small clients –  your business is one of a few valued systems personally maintained by our team.

Personalized Service

Your IT solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Your servers, endpoints, and the way your team handles data are all unique and deserve custom IT solutions on every level. Local IT teams like ECW take the time to assess and customize each IT service to the exact needs of each client.

Personal Interest

The admins, developers, and technicians who work on your network take a personal interest. Instead of a key account manager, you are working with a dedicated team of IT professionals who each play a role in building and managing a complete IT solution for your business.

Hands-On IT Management

When you sign on for Managed IT, you don’t just get access to a platform. Admins get hands-on watching over your network, providing more than status-quo performance. Managed IT also includes monitored security, regular updates, and routine consultations on smart ways to upgrade your network or stack.

On-Call IT Help Desk Support

When things go wrong, you need an IT team dedicated to your needs. An IT help desk line gives you access to IT experts who can walk through quick solutions on the phone, take over through remote access, or dive into your server to unsnarl a problem in the stack.

Expert Advice on Major IT Changes

Finally, you gain the benefit of active IT management – not just the routine stuff but your big upgrades and changes as well. Cloud migrations, software updates, and database mergers will be recommended and overseen by your dedicated, hands-on IT experts.

ECW Network & IT Solutions for Your South Florida IT Needs

We are proud to provide a new custom IT service to the South Florida aviation company. How can ECW fulfill your business’ IT needs? Contact us today to find out with a preliminary consultation.

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