A Look at Whether Outsourcing Your Company’s IT Work Is the Right Move

When it comes to IT support, small businesses find it nearly impossible to employ an in-house team of specialists. Most small- to medium-sized businesses find it prudent to outsource the work to IT specialists who can provide support on an as-needed basis. Let’s take a deeper look at whether outsourcing your company’s IT work is really a good idea.

A Brief Explanation of IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is best defined as a reliance on external service providers for the effective delivery of infrastructure solutions, application services and other IT-enabled business processes. Outsourcing also encompasses software as a service, programming, utility service and data storage / retrieval from the cloud. A growing number of organizations are opting to outsource their IT work in an attempt to decrease overhead costs, speed up time to market and tap into the expertise of these specialists. Contrary to popular opinion, IT outsourcing work does not go directly to lowly paid workers in foreign countries such as India. The United States actually ranks in the top three of all countries receiving IT outsourced work.

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing Reduces Your Organization’s Risk

Can you imagine hiring a full-time IT worker, training him and then watching him walk right out of the door for a better employment offer a few months later? This nightmare scenario will never have the chance to come to fruition if you outsource your IT work. Furthermore, relying on in-house IT staff is fallible in that your employees won’t be available around the clock. Most IT outsourcing firms will have somebody available at odd hours to tend to client emergencies. This immediate assistance could prove vital to your company’s bottom line. Imagine a scenario in which your website or server crashes, resulting in customers being unable to place orders. If you are fully reliant on in-house IT staff, they might not be accessible during traditional “off hours” to tend to such a problem. Alternatively, outsourcing the work to IT specialists will ensure that someone will be available in the event that chaos unfolds.

Outsourcing Allows You to Focus on What You Do Best

The vast majority of small business owners have no idea how IT works. Business owners are typically inventors, service / product providers and skilled leaders. There is absolutely no shame in lacking in IT knowledge. Business owners are highly successful people who have worked long and hard to get to their current position. Outsourcing IT work allows them to stick to their niche, while the tech geeks solve networking, server, data storage and programming issues.

IT Outsourcing Can Save Money

A considerable percentage of business owners delegate their IT work to specialists as a means of decreasing overhead costs. Employing an entire IT team in-house is quite expensive. These workers must be paid full-time salaries, and they will likely demand extensive benefits. Why bother paying them top dollar when you can pay less by outsourcing the work? You won’t have to shell out money for IT employee benefits, nor will you be forced to keep full-time employees on the payroll when full-time work might not be necessary. Furthermore, no training costs are involved when you outsource your IT work. When you ally with IT specialists, you are doing business with highly skilled computer and networking experts who are extensively trained in this specific type of work.

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