8 Crucial Mobile Device Rules that Medical Professionals Should Follow

There are a lot of ways that online and mobile communications are different for medical professionals.


Medical Mobile Computing

For a number of reasons – you’re on the go more than most professionals, rather than being stationed behind a desk all day. Plus, there are strict HIPAA rules to adhere to in regard to patient communication, and the medical profession makes you a prime target for device theft and security breaches. So what can you do to avoid any issues?

  • Protect Your Data – You need to ensure that your data is always encrypted. If your device is ever stolen or lost, this will help to keep your private data from being accessed. Losing your own data is one thing, but you’ll be major facing fines and other consequences if you’re violating HIPPA regulations.
  • Set Up For a Remote Wipe! – Worst case scenario: if your phone is stolen, do you have proper precautions in place? CAM HIPPA Solutions provide a remote wipe tool that will erase any sensitive information from your phone when it’s lost or stolen.
  • Pay Attention to The Basics – Malware and spyware don’t just affect your computer; they can get onto your smartphone too. Make sure you’re set up with anti-virus software to protect against online threats.
  • Update – Updates are there for a reason, to fix security vulnerabilities and patch any other errors in the existing system. Update whenever prompted to keep your devices protected.
  • Be Wary of Free Wi-Fi – Free Wi-Fi is convenient, but it’s also extremely easy to hack. If you’re connecting your device to a free Wi-Fi spot, you’re putting your device at risk.
  • Limit Siri – Make sure you disable Siri or any other voice controlling software from accessibility through your lock screen. Again, it can be a useful function, but it also lets thieves gain information or launch apps without any password.
  • Use a VPN Network – This will let you use your office network to send and receive emails and files. The VPN will encrypt your data and adds an extra layer of protection to safeguard against data breaches.
  • Be Cautious – make sure you’re always wary of offers, free apps, or emails that ask you to give data or follow a link. It’s not strange to check with a contact to make sure they sent an attachment before you actually open it.

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