What Makes the Public Cloud A Good Option?

Small business owners have many options regarding using the cloud, but a public cloud option offers many benefits that others do not.

You have likely heard of the cloud, but if you are not yet using it, you may find it all very confusing. Small businesses have many choices when it comes to the cloud because there are many different types of clouds. The three most important category types are private, public, and hybrid options. Depending on your needs, you can determine which of these types will work best, but for small businesses, the public cloud seems to be more popular for many reasons.

Cloud Computing


Many small businesses host their data in-house. This is not only an old-school way to manage your data, but it can also be very costly to the firm. If you currently handle your data this way, you are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the data. That means anytime there are significant changes in the infrastructure, you must handle all of that on your own. This task can be a large undertaking which costs you man-hours and leaves room for error. When using the public cloud, you no longer have this issue because whenever changes are made, the cloud service provider takes care it. If you need to add more storage space or even add users, you simply must submit a support request, and it will be handled for you.


Security has become a major issue as technology has improved and become more widely used. While this is a significant concern, it is not always one that is high up on the list of priorities for small businesses, even though it should be. If you use a public cloud provider, they will be spending a lot more time and money on security than your business will even need. Because of this, using the public cloud is a relatively secure form of storing your data even if you are not hosting it on a private server. Public cloud providers also have security experts on their team to ensure that all proper safety measures are taken while monitoring for any vulnerabilities. This provides more security and saves you from spending the money on full-time IT staff to handle it for you. However, if you are looking for even more security, using the private cloud is better since you can implement more security measures. This is not necessary for the average small business owner,  making the public cloud a perfect solution.

Less Maintenance

Some cloud options require you to maintain them in a specific way. That is not the case with the public cloud. Technology maintenance, whether you are using the private cloud, a hybrid cloud, or managing your data on-site, can use a lot of your time and resources. When you use the public cloud, you get all of that time and money back so you can use it to manage your business operations. When using a public cloud, that is all handled by your cloud service provider. They will manage your data and the maintenance, so you do not have to. All of that allows you to grow your business instead of simply trying to stay afloat.

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