You Need a Strategic Approach to Patch Management

Strategic Approach to Patch Management

The safety and security of your entire network depends on being able to quickly and reliably patch the plethora of software cropping up in each department. Are you ready for the onslaught?  
Patch Management

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How many software solutions did your IT team purchase in 2019? What about the additional smaller software purchases that went under the radar, perhaps purchased by your accounting department or marketing team? Each of these solutions must stay up-to-date on patches you risk bringing your entire network down with ransomware or other malware. Tracking down and maintaining an update schedule for each of these solutions would be extremely time-intensive, which is why many corporations are turning to a more automated solution for patch management. The ECW Network & IT Solutions strategic approach to patch management could save your network’s security — and your sanity.

The Average Time to Patch is 102 Days

According to a recent Ponemon Institute survey, IT professionals shared that their average time to patch is 102 days. What is not surprising is that 65% of the same individuals noted that it was either challenging or extremely challenging to keep up with the frequency of patch updates. These are technology teams that are being pulled in different directions on a daily basis — attempting to “keep the lights on” while also juggling new business requests, updated security compliance requirements and more.

Active Patch Management Can Speed Your Network and Business Apps

You never know when a particular patch could solve a slowdown that you didn’t even realize was occurring, such as two applications that were working together but not completely meshed. Patches are not only meant to address security updates, but also new and updated functionality as well as some bug fixes. Applying these patches in a timely manner provides the best possible working environment for users while also boosting security for your network. This is especially true of your network. If multiple software solutions are able to reduce their overall server calls due to increased efficiency in coding, your network speed could noticeably increase.

Active Patch Management Can Close the Loop Against Cybercriminals

It’s no secret that cybercriminals are watching the patches that are released by major software vendors, trying to determine if there are vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. These nefarious individuals know that only a certain percentage of companies and individuals will quickly apply the patch as provided by software vendors, while the remaining groups will take much longer — if the patches are applied at all! Part of the release notes for the patches includes any known vulnerabilities, giving hackers a road map of what to target next within your business.

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