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Gain Insight Into Your Network By Managing Everything With An IP Address

Although typically not visible to users, network communication would not exist without the all-important IP address. Every device – desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, macOS devices, smartphones, servers– needs an IP address, but those devices also need to be managed to ensure they remain essential to communications. With so many devices being added to organizations of all sizes, even smaller organizations are finding themselves trying to manage more devices than they can handle.

Technology is taking us to greater heights, enabling a world of interconnected devices that are made available to everyone, regardless of location. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has enabled employees to use their own devices to gain access to company information and applications. This trend has led to more employees having the flexibility and mobility they desire.

The (BYOD) trend is great for employee efficiency and reducing equipment costs. As the trend continues, employees will bring in more devices that need to be connected to the organization’s network. As a result, the network will also grow, leading to a need to bring in additional resources to support a growing number of devices.

Network Management

Managing the Devices on Your Network

The majority of your organization’s IT budget is likely spent on managing devices and applications. With so many devices on your network, why not leverage outsourced device management from a Managed IT Services provider? With a world-class management solution, you can reduce operational costs and eliminate constraints and restrictions.

Device management services will provide you with the ability to proactively manage the influx of smartphones, tablets, laptops, iPads, and more in your organization. While these devices can provide great productivity gains, the devices can also open the door to a variety of risks, especially devices that have corporate emails and sensitive data stored on them. ECW is able to track all your devices that have IP addresses in real-time. Not only will our device management solutions enable us to manage your devices from a comprehensive platform, but they will also offer first-class value to your organization in the form of data security and compliance.

ECW Manages the Metrics That Matter

We will determine everything you need to know about your devices, and we will manage the monitoring, alerting, and reporting you will need to continue operating at a high level. We can manage everything on your network with an IP address to deliver maximum visibility by doing the following:

  • Providing remote support that will support your organization’s growing mobile workforce
  • Tracking devices that belong to your organization
  • Monitoring your network and devices to deliver real-time alerts about the device and data usage
  • Tracking the status of all devices on the network
  • Maintaining device inventory
  • Implementing backup solutions for files, contacts, and data
  • Wiping devices to protect against loss and theft

Managing all devices with an IP address on your network from a centralized location can simplify and enhance the management of all devices, giving all devices the same level of attention and security.

You are under continuous pressure to manage all the network events that are taking place on your devices, from error codes, power failures, system crashes, and more. ECW can quickly take away the pressure, and we will take on the responsibility of detecting critical events on your devices and network before they negatively impact your operations.

Security and Regulatory Compliance Made Easy With Managed Services

With a solution that will monitor all devices on your network with an IP address, the configuration and security settings of the devices can be controlled, making it easier to protect sensitive and confidential data. A comprehensive management solution plays a key role in reducing all business risks. With a management solution, the security of your network operations will be more secure because it will be easier to disable users and erase sensitive data on devices that have been misplaced or stolen. These features can serve as a vital tool for organizations that need to meet specific regulatory requirements.

Maximize Your Value With Managed Services

How often do you think about your network and the devices that depend on it? This is something every organization should think about, especially given the rising number of devices on a network. If your network fails, every device on the network can be affected. This can mean your regular day-to-day operations and the most critical tasks within your organization can be impacted. Therefore, your organization needs a cost-effective solution for managing, monitoring, tracking, and securing everything with an IP address.

Is your network operating as it should? Are your devices operating as they should? Does every device have the latest patches and updates? Many attacks will take place from inside a network, so you should never turn a blind eye to device and network management. If you plan to grow your operations, how soon would you be able to expand your network? Would your security solutions allow you to keep up with the growth?

If there are any inefficiencies within your organization, they must be removed. With managed services, your mission-critical devices can be tracked, secured, monitored, and managed from a single location. Managed services will allow you to maintain the flexibility and scalability you need to enhance your business operations.

The devices you need to monitor within your operations may not be the same as the business across the street. Your IT infrastructure is unique and should be treated as such. Not only is your network unique, but it is constantly changing and having to adjust given the advances in technology and changes within industries. This is why you need a managed services solution that can manage everything. Your organization needs a solution that will be powerful and effective enough to scale as your network grows.

ECW Helps Manage Everything On Your Network

Is finding a solution for improving your organization’s network infrastructure important to you? Do you want to gain visibility and insight into the way your devices are being used on your network? Find out how ECW can help manage everything on your network with an IP address and make sure it is secured. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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