Businesses Must Invest in 2FA

Two-factor authentication, or “2FA,” is a must for businesses. When governmental agencies such as the FBI issue warnings and detailed instructions as to why people and corporations should protect their computers from virus and malware, you know this stuff is getting real. When the Department of Justice issues a decree as to how easy it is to steal people’s personal data, then you know the time to act has passed. Why is 2FA important for businesses? Let’s explore the answer.

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What Is 2FA, and How Does it Work?

Two-factor authentication is a second layer of security that prevents easy access to data in a variety of ways. First, it eliminates those data breaches in which someone accidentally accesses data that should be secure. It most cases, it also prevents hackers from gaining access to secure data. It makes phishing useless as long as your passwords are safe.

One important feature that businesses can take advantage of is that 2FA is scalable. Not only can you adapt 2FA as your business grows, you can change the extent and breadth of the system also. A good example is an automatically generated password that is sent via text message. Once an employee logs into the system, he or she must request a text access code that is sent only to authorized devices. This automatically generates a password that expires in one minute. That level of 2FA prevents hackers from ever gaining access to your data. It renders phishing useless because a phishing scheme would never have access to the device needed. How secure is your company data? Let’s explore the benefits of 2FA for businesses.

How Does a 2FA System Save Businesses and Their Data?

The size of your business is not important when it comes to data mining, hacking and identity theft. See how 2FA benefits businesses of all sizes:

  • It defeats software that guesses passwords by adding a second hurdle. ECW makes 2FA affordable so that your small or medium business can afford a second layer of protection. Antivirus and anti-malware are not enough any longer to keep data secure — just ask some of the big corporations, such as Walmart, Home Depot or ebay about personal data loss. Across the globe, data loss and prevention cost companies nearly $1.8 trillion dollars every year.
  • It renders secondary phishing data — data gathered from other sources — useless. A 2FA security layer helps stop phishing and hackers in their tracks. As technology emerges, new and stronger security tools are needed. ECW helps your company stay on the pulse of online security so your company’s data is always secure.
  • It increases data security against data loss, hacking and accidental access. Accidental access will no longer occur when you install a 2FA system. Without the second code or means of access, even an authorized person is denied access.
  • 2FA improves customer satisfaction by helping to relieve customer fears involving loss of personal information. The public is wary of identity theft, data loss and having to deal with protecting their identity. Ease consumer concerns by taking advantage of your 2FA system when marketing your product. For consumers, this is welcome news.
  • 2FA helps leadership position their company for growth and profitability, and it helps gain market share. Not only can you reassure your customers that their data is safe, you also can reassure vendors and B2B clients too. The doors to growth are open.

As technology continues to change, ECW helps companies of all sizes address data security. As a leader in data safety and IT, is the trusted choice when it comes to staying ahead of the latest information technology tips, tricks and news. Contact us at or send us an email at for more information.

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