Beware the Insidious Threat of Ransomware

Ransomware makes many business owners shudder.


This nasty little IT bug can freeze and shut you out of your entire system. It works by blackmailing those it infects by telling them to either pay money or face the consequences.

Business users in Canada should take note because one alert has recently been posted by a security vendor saying some cyber thieves are leveraging the Koler mobile app and those who visit porn sites. If you download the porn you may get a pop up claiming to be from the Mounties saying that you have to pay a fine or your smartphone data will be deleted.

However, there are ways that business owners can defend against this malicious threat by taking some simple precautions including:

  • Set your system up so you have a daily back-up of all your data. This will allow you to quickly restore your system with minimal loss of data.
  • Educate and train all your staff to recognize and identify phishing email which is one of the most popular ways used to infect your system. Remind staff to avoid visiting dangerous websites.
  • Implement plans to deal with these types of situations. Establish procedures on how you will respond if your site is infected. Set out a clear line of action and response should your system experience this type of malware.

The worst thing you can is to do nothing, so talk to an IT service company to find what solutions they can provide your business to safeguard your email, and provide business continuity and backup features for your vital data.

Don’t let your business fall prey to ransomware and other cyber attacks. Contact the IT pros at and let us give you the security solution your business needs. Phone us today at or email us at and let us protect your business now.

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