Your Lenovo Laptop Power Cord Could Be Ready to Burst into Flames

lenovo laptop power cord fireIf you use a Lenovo laptop, you need to immediately stop what you’re doing and check to see if your power cord might be in danger. Lenovo has announced they’ve discovered a manufacturing defect in a run of a number of laptop power cords, so they have issued a voluntary recall.

This recall affects more than 500,000 AC power cord products, so if you use Lenovo, you can’t afford to ignore this recall! The recall was issued after Lenovo had received reports of defective cords sparking, overheating, and even burning and melting. So far, actual damage from the problem has only occurred outside of North America, but as it is unclear how far the problem spreads, the recall has been issued worldwide.

Has Your Laptop Been Compromised?

Anyone who purchased an IdeaPad laptop anytime between February 2011 and June 2012 may be in danger. Turn your laptop over and take a look at the model number, after it says “IdeaPad.” If the model number begins with B, G, S, U, V, or Z, your laptop may be one of those affected. There is a full list of affected products on Lenovo’s website, and you can find more information about locating your model number here.

But it’s also important to check the power cord itself, as sometimes people end up using cords that didn’t initially come with the laptop itself! Here’s how to check:

  • Turn off your laptop. Don’t just put it into sleep mode – do a complete shut down of your machine.
  • Unplug your power cord both from the laptop and from the wall.
  • Remove the plug that connects to the power source (the box part of your laptop cord), and examine it. If it reads LS-15, your cord may be defective. If it doesn’t, you’re likely safe.

What Do You Do Next?

If your laptop has been affected, or if you’re not certain, don’t take a risk! Save your files and back them up, and then shut your laptop down. Lenovo is offering a free replacement cord for all affected customers, and you can contact them directly via their customer service line. More information can be found on the recall page on their website.

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