The Ultimate Trick to Making Money Despite Disaster 

Losing data means losing money in wasted time and unproductive staff members – but that’s not all, there’s also regulatory fines, reputational damage, and potential lawsuits that could leave you riddled in debt.

making money

Imagine losing access to all of your important files. How much money would you lose while you’re struggling to communicate with customers, access information, and get work done? There are many instances that lead to data loss: hardware failure, malware infection, corrupted files, natural disasters, or human error. You need to make sure you’re backing up your data – because you simply can’t afford data loss.

How does make sure you’re prepared? We provide data backup – the ultimate trick to making money despite disaster. We’ll:

Establish What Must Be Preserved

We’ll help you determine what information/applications is vital to your day-to-day operations, in order to ensure you’re keeping the right information/applications preserved through data backup.

Provide Onsite/Cloud-Based Backup

We’ll backup all important information/applications onsite for easy retrieval, as well as offsite in the cloud for greater redundancy and peace of mind knowing you’re able to recover from an onsite disaster, such as a fire or flood.

Test and Monitor Backups Regularly

We monitor all backups on a regular basis, in order to detect and resolve any issues that may occur. We also test all backups to make sure we’re avoiding failure when the time comes that you need to recover.

The effort, time, and money put into data backup will be far less expensive than losing a customer due to data loss. 

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