Is Your South Florida IT Company Talking To You About Two-Factor Authentication?

Does Your South Florida IT company Talk to You About the Latest Security Precautions to Keep You Safe?

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Implementing the right protection for your business can mean the difference between total safety and a security disaster. Cyber-attacks and data breaches happen every day – and companies are crippled because they’re unprepared and unsecured. That’s why you need a South Florida IT company that’s resourceful, knowledgeable, and ready to give you the best protection possible. 

Two-Factor Authentication

  • Two-factor authentication provides the ultimate security for your business – it requires unmistakable identification of your employees by using a combination of two separate components for entry.
  • The combination can include something that the user remembers like a password, or something that the user possesses, like a key or USB, or something that is attached to the user, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition.
  • Your sensitive company data will be safer than ever once your devices are restricted with two-factor authentication.

The Advantages

Your business can apply two-factor authentication to tablets and smartphones as well as some computers. Today, our mobile devices are all over the place – we’re constantly carrying around important company files and information. Sometimes a password just isn’t enough protection and we don’t want you to have to learn that the hard way.

  • Two-factor authentication and constantly changing passcodes are much safer than fixed log-in information.
  • You can stop unauthorized users from gaining access by selecting a maximum number of incorrect entries allowed on your device.

If your South Florida IT company isn’t talking to you about two-factor authentication and other innovate ways to keep your data safe, it’s time to get in contact with a company that will.

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