Who Has Experience with QS1 Support in South Florida?

Though QS1 pharmacy management software has been around and evolving for 40 years, that doesn’t mean just any IT company can specialize in supporting this software platform. The multi-fold QS1 software requires know-how that can fully-leverage the ins and outs of pharmacy software systems like this one, so that we make sure pharmacies have exactly the right level of QS1 support in South Florida.

Do you truly understand QS1 pharmacy software and its various applications?

Yes! We know QS1 pharmacy software as well as we know any IT system component, and we will make sure your QS1 platform performs as it’s supposed to – with as few bumps and ruffles as possible.

We provide support and guidance on all QS1’s pharmacy management systems, which feature such inventory and customer service-oriented components as:

  • NRx Pharmacy Management
  • Sharp Rx
  • PrimeCare/LTC
  • SystemOne/HME
  • Product Modules
  • Services

QS1 features flexible, scalable software solutions that fit the needs of any business of any size – from small independents to corporate pharmacy operations.

Do you provide any training as part of your support plan?

We can provide you with all the QS1 training resources you’ll need as part of our step-by-step guidance through this versatile management system. These resources include webinars, training workbooks, i-trainers, and “VidTips” full of useful information.

Can you also help us with the customer communications side of the QS1 software?

Sure! We’ll also help you master the QS1 customer communications and management portion of their software. You can also subscribe to QS1’s periodicals eINSIGHT and The Edge and The Edge/LTC and learn more.

Is there a place we can get an overview or reference guide to QS1?

We can be your in-person reference guide, but if you’d like, also, you can check the QS1 reference guide on their website for plenty of links to indispensable information as a kind of “site map” to the various attributes of the QS1 software.

Where can we learn about the variety of QS1 products and services?

Everything you’ll want or need to know about products and services can be found right here, on the QS1 products and services page. If you have any questions you can’t get answers to there, we’re glad to help

How do we get started with your QS1 support services? 

It’s easy! Just give us a call at (561) 306-2284, or email us at info@ecwcomputers.com for more information, and we’ll get you a no-hassle, free evaluation and on your way to getting the QS1 support for South Florida businesses you require!

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