Why Pharmacies Need 2FA

Two Factor Authentication or 2FA as it is known in the tech world is not entirely new. Consumers are very familiar with some 2FA products, but may not even realize its presence. Examples include bank cards, credit cards, and even some mobile-based business protocols such as VPN. With a credit card, you must have the card and if you want to withdraw cash, you need a PIN. The same is true of bank cards. We’ve been using these kinds of security features for decades. So why do pharmacies need 2FA? Let’s explore the answer.

Pharmacists 2FA

Protects Patient Information

Imagine being able to remain compliant with HIPAA while still empowering your employees and customers to access data from home or while on the go. Well, you no longer have to imagine those ideas because ECW makes them a reality. In addition, businesses who need greater data security also have ample opportunity to increase their market share, boost customer confidence, and increase the efficiency of their entire process. Here is a closer look at how that works.

Helps Pharmacies Comply with HIPAA.

By using a 2FA system pharmacies gain an additional layer of security that prevents accidental data access by employees, hackers, and other patients. While the current HIPAA requirements do not call for 2FA, there is much political activity that suggests 2FA will become a compliance requirement. It is much easier to add 2FA on your own terms then it is to wait for it to become a mandate. Smart companies are taking advantage of 2FA security because it blends in with both strategic and marketing plans.

Safely and Securely Access Data from Any Data Access Point

Whether you need access from your desktop or from a mobile device 2FA has your security needs covered. A 2FA system allows for more secure online interaction including record keeping and storage for patients and staff who need to access documents from any internet connection.

Data Partitions Increase Security

A 2FA system allows for easier access for the right employees to data, while offering tiered access to all data. 2FA helps you partition data so that employees have access to the data they need to fulfill their job duties, but not access to data that is secure.

Increased Security and Decreased Risk

In the competitive world of pharmaceuticals, 2FA provides a platform for growth, decreased risk, improved customer confidence, and increased efficiency. A 2FA system is expandable and dividable so that you can segment data based on projects, by employee tiers, and mode of access. That flexibility allows your team to create growth in a number of ways. One of those ways is through marketing where you can show customers and potential leads why your data security system is unique. Given the rate of identity theft, that position is highly marketable because it poses a decrease in risk for customers and that helps boost customer confidence.

If your pharmacy needs to increase its local customer base and gain market share, then consider the benefits of 2FA security and the technological advantage of ECW. is the trusted choice when it comes to staying ahead of the latest information technology tips, tricks, and news. Contact us at or send us an email at for more information.

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