Microsoft Office Showdown: Purchase vs. Subscribe

IT departments tend to acquire computing assets in order to perform their daily duties. It’s a given that IT needs to be refreshed in a relentless cycle. Hardware and software break and can become outdated along with the needs of your organization. If you want a taste of Microsoft Office 2016, you’ll need to subscribe for a trial run to get your hands on the latest.


The subscription model makes sense if you have a PC, laptop, tablet, and a phone. Any licensed version will cost a hefty price. Each subscription includes installation of 5 PCs, 5 phones, and 5 tablets. Most importantly, one should decide which subscription works for their organization. The average business customer pays Microsoft about $20 per user every month.

Sources such as Take Okta indicate Microsoft Office 365 usage skyrocketing. They reported that Microsoft Office 365 is the No.1 deployed app on their system, trailing behind is the almighty Salesforce. Of course, Microsoft will not release official usage numbers. The subscription model works well due to the fact that businesses want the all you can have bundle. We understand why since it eliminates the headaches of paying separate licensing fees for each Office SKU.

Remember the days of renewing your licenses? Those days are almost long gone!

With the success of Exchange Online, it gives businesses a more compelling case to migrate or upgrade. Eliminating the Exchange Server along with a subscription to the entire Office suite on one single payment (this can vary depending on subscription selected). On the business side, Microsoft is dominating. Meanwhile, Google Apps excels in the consumer market.

Now that businesses have caught wind, purchasing Microsoft Office the old way is decreasing. The increase of subscriptions could also be correlated to the release of Microsoft Office 2016. It’s a great time to subscribe to Microsoft Office 365 to get the latest and greatest.

Avoiding upfront costs are closely associated with a subscription. Often, a subscription turns a capital expense into an operational expense. It allows an organization to spend their resources towards other opportunities. Another known fact is payments. In the grand scheme of things, payment is often the deciding factor. A predictable and attractive payment spread across the agreed term will draw in a buyer.

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