Managed IT Services: Why You Need Managed Services

You have a lot on your plate every day. Your mind is on your business and how to increase your profits and maintain your sustainability. You listen to the news and find out another company has suffered a network breach. You begin to wonder if your technology can ward off an attack. You need to start thinking about how old your technology is as well. You might be reaching the three-year mark where you need to start replacing it. While you think about your IT, you are not thinking about your business. This could cause your business to suffer. What can you do? Switching to managed services is the answer.

Managed IT Services

What managed services gives you:

  • Peace of mind
  • Latest software updates
  • Regular virus/malware scans
  • Constant monitoring of your network
  • Immediate answers to your questions
  • Controlled IT costs
  • Latest on compliance and security needs

Using managed services allows you the opportunity to concentrate on your business. You connect with a dedicated, experienced team of IT professionals whose sole purpose is to

maintain the integrity and health of your network. Part of their dedication is making sure that you have the latest software along with virus/malware protection. They offer continual monitoring of your system and will give you updates regarding any major threats that are going around.

Having a team of professionals that are available to you means that you do not need to maintain a large IT staff on premises. This means that your staffing costs will be lower. You will not need to pay for the hiring, training, benefits and continuing education of staff, so this will lower your business costs. Additionally, managed services uses a straight monthly fee which can help you budget your company finances better.

Managed services can make sure you are following the protocols that are required, depending upon the type of business that you have, to maintain compliance with regulatory bodies.

Having managed services maintain your IT networks can save you money in staffing, regulatory fines, and upkeep of your equipment. The professionals will keep you apprised of the health of your system and alert you to things that you need to be aware of. They can help you with a disaster recovery plan and help educate the staff on the ways they can help maintain the integrity of the network during their workday.

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