Just How Much Do Slow Computers Really Cost your Business?


Slow Computers

If you’re sitting in front of a laptop or desktop that is running exceedingly slow, and you’re wondering just how much it is costing your business, consider this: the current estimated value is 5.5 days per year for each employee. Based on an average of 200 workdays per year, this adds up to a little less than 3% of an employee’s time. Granted, these figures aren’t exactly mind-blowing; however, if you factor in the cost of slow servers, the results are more startling.

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll consider the numbers in the context of a normal business with slow outdated workstations. Opportunity cost is an important variable since it is typically double the actual cost. This is because it is measured as the amount of time lost that could have been used to complete valuable tasks, such as closing important deals.

  • Average Salary= $60,000
  • Average Hourly Labor Rate= $43 per hour
  • Time Wasted Due to Slow Computer= 2.75%
  • Yearly Cost of Time Wasted= $1,892 per employee
  • Yearly Opportunity Cost of Time Wasted=$3,784 per employee
  • Total Yearly Cost of Slow Computer= $5,676 per employee

Even if you don’t take these numbers at face value, reducing them to half is enough to justify making an investment in a quality computer. Today, these start around $1,000, which is much less than what slow computers cost your business each year.


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