Does Your IT Company Provide IT Engineering Services?

IT Engineering Services

There are plenty of companies offering IT services such as network monitoring and support, cybersecurity, employee training, business continuity planning, IT consulting, and cloud management. However, not all IT managed service providers offer the It engineering services a company needs to get ahead of the competition, manage its workload efficiently, maintain a high standard of cybersecurity, and save time and money in the office.

As a Florida based company, our preparation for a remote workforce began with our Business Continuity Plan for hurricanes several years ago.  To meet the need of taking our workforce remote in the event our offices are unavailable, ECW designed and implemented our entire technology plan including end-user laptops, voice over internet phones, and redundant cloud computing for all of our servers.  As a complement to 24 x 7 support, ECW also provides real-time monitoring for all systems to protect our company from computer fraud and abuse by external hackers.  As a healthcare company with connections to insurance companies and hospitals, information security is paramount to our clients and the ECW technology model has passed all of our client’s mandated risk assessments and compliance certifications.  Overall, we give ECW the highest mark for all of our vendor partners and we would highly recommend their services.
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IT Engineering Services

What are IT Engineering Services?

IT engineering services provide your business with the apps, sites, IT hardware, and framework you need to be successful long-term. It’s the difference between transitioning to the latest cloud platform and taking the time to select the cloud platform that’s best for your business, helping your company transition to the platform, and then tweaking your programs to integrate with your cloud platform while maintaining a high cybersecurity standard to keep your company safe from hackers.

Software Development

Would your company benefit from integrated software programs that would make it easy for employees to finish tasks quickly without making mistakes? Are you tired of working with ready-made programs when what you really need is custom software to suit your exact needs? An IT engineering service can assess your software to ensure that it’s the best possible fit for your business. If there is room for improvement, the firm can have its engineers consult with your business to create new programs or tweak existing ones to maximize efficiency, reduce errors, streamline company communications, automate adherence to industry guidelines, and more.

IT Hardware Engineering

Hardware doesn’t get nearly as much attention as software but it’s just as important, if not more so. Computers, laptops, smartphones, printers, fax machines, business telephones, routers, and other tools are basic necessities for any business in any industry. Furthermore, the hardware you use will often determine which programs you can and can’t use on your computer. Hardware selection also impacts computer speed and reliability. With the right hardware, your IT set-up will be fast, easy to use, and reliable. Outdated hardware or hardware that isn’t suitable for your business needs will cause a myriad of problems, including software malfunctions and slow operating speeds.

IT engineering services can help you analyze your hardware to ensure that it’s the perfect fit for your software and network needs. You’ll want to select a team that works with many of the world’s leading hardware companies to ensure you’re getting impartial advice and the best possible deal on any upgrades. Your engineering team should carefully analyze the specifications of the equipment you are currently using, providing input regarding the lifespan of your current equipment, and then offering a realistic picture of what IT hardware upgrades could do for your firm. Your chosen engineering firm should also be able to customize your hardware if need be.

Network Engineering

Network engineering covers a wide range of tasks. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • LAN and WAN design and implementation
  • Server consolidation
  • Configuring and installing routers
  • Network design and troubleshooting

The right network set-up should provide more than just speedy internet access. It should also maintain a high cybersecurity standard so cybercriminals can’t access your valuable business data. Hackers are innovative and, as recent statistics show, a whopping 40% of attacks can bypass traditional web application firewalls. The old methods and strategies for keeping information secure won’t work today, especially if your office uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to automate important tasks. Any device connected to your company internet connection can be hacked if it’s not fully secured, and one of the best ways to keep your data safe is to have your network set-up examined and upgraded by professional, experienced network engineers.

IT Engineering Services from ECW Network and IT Solutions

While you could hire your own full-time network engineers, the cost of doing so is prohibitive. The average annual salary for a single network engineer is $90,926 and this sum does not include the cost of benefits that an employee in this position would expect to receive. Thankfully, you can get the professional, experienced help and assistance you need by partnering with an IT managed service provider that specializes in IT engineering services.

ECW Network and IT Solutions partners with South Florida business owners to create and monitor customized IT solutions that will enable your company to save time and money, boost profits, streamline business operations, and keep data safe from malicious third parties. Our team has over fourteen years of experience and our results-driven technicians are continually staying abreast of IT technology trends and developments to ensure you get the cutting-edge advice and assistance you need.

Strategic Tech Partners

Would you like access to the best hardware and software on the market? ECW partners with Microsoft, Autotask, Amazon, Dell, Fortinet, VMWare, KnowBe4, and other firms to help you identify the tools and technologies that will help you reach your core goals faster and easier than would have otherwise been possible.

IT Solutions

Our IT engineering services also include IT solutions that will keep your company running smoothly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer management and support systems that will help you run software applications with ease, analyze and repair hardware and software problems, and configure the software to meet immediate needs. We also continually update your programs to eliminate vulnerabilities that could lead to an attack and analyze your IT set-up to search for and remove malware.

Are you looking for IT engineering services that will help you reach your long-term goals? If so, get in touch with us at your convenience. We offer scalable, customized assistance to make it easy for you to get cutting-edge IT expertise that will meet or even exceed your expectations.

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