Is Technology Using You? – Or, Are you Using It?

There’s no question that the technology software you use saves a lot of time and helps you manage your work more effectively and efficiently.


The downside is that if you’re using the wrong technology, you could end up grimacing in frustration when technology acts as a hindrance and slows you down.

The question is not about whether you should use technology; it’s about using the right technology! If some of the software or apps you are using are somewhat old or aren’t doing what you want them to do, then it’s time to take a look around and find something new and more innovative.

Here are a few thoughts to ponder about in how to use technology better and to make it more productive.

  1. Consider Using Google Apps – Instead of using Word or Excel, you might want to use online Google Apps because this app constantly upgrades itself and has a web-based tracking function so all employees can access the documents they need quicker and faster.
  2. Get a New App for Contacts and Social Media– There are new apps out there which can manage all your contact lists in one easy location instead of having to refer to numerous address books that you are likely using through your email server or Apple address book. Don’t waste valuable time using social media apps like you find on Linked In and Twitter, get a free dashboard such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck as they will provide you with a more effective overview. You might want to consider a separate email account for your social media messaging.
  1. Use a SQL (Structured Query Language) Database – If you need to search for multiple records and store them effectively for large projects, you might want to switch to an SQL database such as Oracle Database XE which is specifically designed to manage big chunks of data and documents.
  2. Upgrade Your Email – IF you have an older version of email such as Microsoft email 2003, then you should take the time to upgrade to the 2010 version which can provide you quicker and more efficient searches to find what you need.

The point to keep in mind that technology is ever changing and ever improving. Make your work productive and efficient by finding and using the right technology. can help you find the best technology for your business so call us today at or email us at: .

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