How South Florida Companies Can Use Microsoft Teams

How South Florida Companies Can Use Microsoft Teams

As someone who understands the importance of having a good IT infrastructure, it is likely that you already know what a solid IT services company can do for you. Even if that is the case, there is much more to working with an IT company than having cybersecurity and a cloud computing system. Choosing the right service company also means gaining access to great tools, such as Microsoft Teams. In this article, we discuss how Teams can help you, and how you can get started using this program for your business.

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Microsoft Teams is a collaboration app that your team can use to do small projects or connect with a workgroup. With Teams, you can chat with others, set up meetings, manage a calendar, share files, use apps, and have audio or video calls. Having access to these features makes information sharing easier, making your business more productive overall.

In Teams, you can make a group or a “team”, to make collaboration simple. In a team, you can create a collection of people, content, and tools that will help you complete projects. Each team will also have channels, which is where the work occurs. Channels within the team are used for separate projects or departments that do not include everyone. Using this system to group people will allow team members to have more seamless interaction, boosting efficiency and creating a cohesive work environment.

In Teams, there are different areas containing helpful features for you to use. Under the “chat” tab, you can hold private conversations between you and other members. Video and audio calls can also be made in this area. The “calendar” section shows your schedule for the day, workweek, or week. Here you can also schedule meetings, including with people outside of your organization or non-Teams users.“Calls”, if enabled for your organization, can capture voicemails or be used for individual calls. Files shared through Teams will be stored in the “Files” area. In “Apps”, you can access additional features to use in Teams, making the program even more useful.

As for your employees, there are three possible roles in Teams: owner, member, or guest. To change a member’s role, use the “manage teams” section. In Teams, any member can create a channel, and they can be public or private. At the top of each channel, three tabs are shown: Posts, Files, and Wiki. “Posts” allows you to share information between members. “Files” makes storage more convenient by allowing you to work on and store files in this area. With “Wiki”, you can collaborate on drafts in real-time. More options can be added to the tabs to best suit your business needs.

Are You Ready To Get Started With Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a program that makes working with other members of your organization simple and ordered. Collaboration is at the heart of any successful business, and by using Teams, you are bolstering it. If you are interested in using Teams at your company, please reach out to us. ECW Computers has a history of excellence, and our experts are prepared to help you implement this system within your own business. Contact us online or by phone today.

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