What Are The Top 3 Reasons You Need Encryption?

Data Encryption

75% of data breaches are caused by an external attack – precisely the kind of attack that could be stopped by encryption. Do you have a reliable encryption solution in place?

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of any organization’s ability to do business. Especially when it comes to your data that involves employee and client information. Unfortunately, it has never been more difficult to do so.

Data breaches are more common than ever before – that’s why you need encryption.

What Is Encryption?

In layman’s terms, encrypted data is formatted in a secret code that would be meaningless if intercepted. It is one of the most efficient ways to secure a database given that decryption can only occur through a key, which is essentially a “secret password”. In this case, there is a need for updated encryption software to ensure that private information is only accessible through the database program.

Encryption technology is a great way to protect important data. By making data unreadable to anyone who isn’t supposed to have access to it, you can secure files stored on your systems, servers, and mobile devices, as well as files sent via email or through file-sharing services.

What Should You Be Encrypting?

While all your data should be encrypted, often the first and best step is to start with how you communicate – that is, your email.

Email is the primary method of communication amongst your staff members and your community, so if you’re not encrypting email, you’re leaving all sorts of sensitive information open to unauthorized access.

Unfortunately, concerns like cybersecurity, compliance and email encryption are often last on the list when it comes to small businesses. The resources needed simply aren’t always that easy to come by. Unfortunately, technology is sometimes the last things to be considered when it comes to committing finances.

What Are The 3 Main Reasons That You Need Email Encryption?

Some may assume that because they’re not a government organization dealing with top secret info, or even a law firm trying to protect their clients’ confidentiality, that they don’t need security measures like email encryption.

The truth? Small businesses like yours need it just as badly as anyone else:

  1. Loss of Privacy: Email is your best means of communicating with your clients and employees, but if you’re questioning the security measures in place, how can you feel comfortable sharing private and valuable information? Worrying about who will read your email every time you send one is no way to do business.
  2. Untrustworthy Reputation: Community members rarely continue to work with businesses after they’ve been hacked. Would you expect your current business partners to continue to communicate with you via email if they were unsure of its safety? Protection for your email further protects your business’ integrity and reputation in the local community.
  3. Risk Of Non-Compliance: No need to be long-winded about this one – everyone knows HIPAA compliance can be as frustrating as it is necessary. Ensuring emails are properly encrypted is just one part of that compliance.

Why Do Businesses Struggle With Email Encryption?

The fact is that everyone has trouble with email encryption (and a host of other security solutions). Why? Because they’re often needlessly complicated.

Often the case with security software, the first concern is the effect and not the user experience. As important as it is to ensure that a solution actually does what it’s supposed to, the fact is that it won’t amount to anything if users don’t know how to use it.

Too often, email encryption solutions require complicated, difficult to remember steps to be followed in order to work properly. Can you really blame the average user for forgetting to put “[secure]” or “[encrypt]” at the beginning of an email subject, when they’re sending hundreds of emails a day?

What Are The 5 Must-Have Features of Email Encryption?

If the bottom line is the user experience, then the key to finding the right email encryption solution is to make sure it’s easy to use. Be sure to find one that offers the following:

  1. One-Click email encryption measures that are easy to use and ensure that the user’s communication is secured against unwelcome readers while in transit.
  2. Mobile Device capability that allows users to read and send encrypted messages from the mobile platform without having to store the message locally, or any unnecessary battery or bandwidth usage.
  3. Powerful encryption to ensure compliance with many industry regulations.
  4. Additional features that include delivery slip production, registered mail options, centralized management, large file encryption, and more.
  5. Full functionality that allows for compatibility with Microsoft Outlook, Windows, and Mac operating systems, as well as browsers and Microsoft Office 365

Yes, to be fair, this is a lot to consider. But – you don’t have to do it on your own. ECW Computers is proud to provide a range of security solution (including cloud-hosted encryption) for businesses like yours – we can help you too.

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