Cloud Services: Why The Cloud Makes Sense Today?

Cloud services are becoming more popular these days. Workers are scattered nationally and internationally, people are in the office and out in the field, and all of these people need to connect to the work network. Additionally, new businesses are short on space and budget, but still need IT protection and monitoring. One of the choices available for both of these situations is to use cloud services. What is it about the cloud service that makes such sense?

Small Business Needs

Small businesses today still have IT needs, but might not have the space or budget to have a full blown IT section. Or possibly, they just don’t feel the need to have all of that just yet, or ever. Cloud services is the answer. It offers full-service infrastructure, constant monitoring, always having the latest technology and protection plans, for a fixed fee every month. That being said, the service can also upgrade and downgrade as needed without a large migration. Everything is done and maintained on the remote servers. This remote location with IT professionals watching your network means that you also have constant monitoring.

Remote Staff

The cloud offers the remote worker, whether national or international, a way to connect to the business network from anywhere, through any device. You don’t need to wait for “business hours” to connect and catch up. The network is up and accessible no matter the time zone. Additionally, documents can be stored in a central place and updated by each worker while maintaining the latest changes. Before, if three people were working on a document, they needed to send it back and forth, and you needed to coordinate to make sure everyone was working on the same version. By having a document in a central location and being shared by three people, everyone can see the changes to the document in real time.

Disaster Recovery and Security

Cloud services offers a way to have remote back up for your business information. It does not require a large expenditure, and IT experts can help you recover if needed. On the security front, because the data is held remotely, devices that are lost or stolen can be wiped without losing the actual data. They would just lose access to where the data is stored. You also do not have to worry about exceeding your bandwidth through any type of diagnostic tests you are running or through the normal course of business, because it is not your bandwidth that is being used. You just access it via your computer.

Something For Everyone

The cloud makes sense for several reasons. It works for the small business and the remote worker by being accessible from anywhere at any time. Dedicated professionals are monitoring your system (no matter where it is being accessed from) and making sure your server and sensitive information are secure.

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