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Our dedication is focused on offering complete technology assistance and cloud services. Beyond simply resolving IT difficulties. Trust our company as your reliable partner for Business IT Support. Our mission is to empower businesses to use technology to improve their operations. We make every effort to guarantee that your IT works for you rather than against you.

Our team of IT management experts takes a proactive approach to providing cutting-edge technology solutions, ensuring the seamless operation of your business-critical systems. By preventing downtime, we empower you to concentrate on the essential tasks of managing and growing your business.

We serve Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield beach, and all across South Florida.

Not only that, we also serve Nationwide! So wherever you are, you can trust ECW’s IT support services for your business.

Business IT Solution: Keep Your Technology Working For You

Our dedicated team of IT experts offers a comprehensive suite of business IT solutions tailored to empower you to effectively manage and expand your business. Our diverse range of services encompasses managed IT services, providing a holistic solution to address all your IT business needs and allowing you to concentrate on core business operations while we manage your technology intricacies.

With our Managed Help Desk, you gain access to a team of experts available 24/7 to answer IT-related inquiries and promptly resolve any technological issues that may arise. Our on-site technicians can be dispatched to your business location, providing hands-on support for effective problem resolution.

We also offer network hosting services, ensuring your business has access to a robust technology network within budget constraints. Additionally, our cloud services enable the seamless transition of IT systems to a secure cloud-based environment, enhancing accessibility and agility.

From Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Services to Security Patch Management, Mobile Device Management, Systems Engineering, IT Security Consulting, PCI Audits, and HIPAA Audits and Risk Assessment, we provide a holistic approach to meet the diverse needs of your business while prioritizing data security, compliance, and overall efficiency.

ECW Computer: Trusted Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services are meticulously tailored to meet the unique requirements of businesses in Florida and even nationwide! We ensure that your technology aligns seamlessly with your business structure and objectives. We take charge of managing and maintaining your technology systems, providing dedicated assistance to your employees, and ensuring that the technology powering your business runs smoothly. With our managed IT solutions, you can benefit from


We manage and monitor all your IT systems around the clock, enhancing both security and performance.


We ensure the stability of your infrastructure while maintaining compliance with relevant regulations.


Your critical data and overall technological security are prioritized and safeguarded.


Our team is ready to provide support for all your technological needs, ensuring a seamless operational environment.


Regular preventative maintenance is performed on your IT systems, preventing potential disasters before they can impact your business.

Help Desk & Outsourced Help Desk Services

We are committed to offering round-the-clock help, available to answer any IT-related queries or resolve any technological issues that may arise. We can help you with everything from installing and operating software applications to configuring hardware and software.

We diagnose and fix network and PC difficulties, detect and remove viruses and malware, and resolve peripheral issues such as printer and mobile device issues. Our goal is to reduce technological disruptions and downtime, thereby increasing your productivity. Our company can devote your time and resources to the demands of your business while leaving IT issues in the hands of experts.

Ensuring IT Security Consulting

As cybercrime becomes more sophisticated, your company must ensure the security and reliability of its IT infrastructure to combat a wide range of threats – from internal threats like disgruntled employees to external threats like malicious attacks; your company is constantly at risk. If you don’t ensure the security and dependability of your IT infrastructure, you’re putting your company’s survival in danger – but there’s no need to gamble. ECW Computers provides IT security consulting services to both large and small enterprises.

Strategic Cloud Solutions with ECW’s Expert Guidance Cloud Services

We create a customized Cloud Solution for your company’s specific requirements. Our professionals ensure a flawless migration to the cloud by leveraging your existing investments and employing your current software and infrastructure to reduce downtime and disturbance. With our Cloud Services IT Solution. Don’t fall behind, use ECW to propel your company to new heights in the cloud.

Cloud Hosting

Why burden yourself with the hassle of consistently upgrading your network and managing the costs and complexities of licensing and hosting the latest IT solutions? We offer a hassle-free solution: we can host everything for you at a single, affordable flat cost.

Our team of IT solutions experts is dedicated to designing a Network Hosting Solution that aligns seamlessly with the unique requirements of your Palm Beach County business. With our services, you gain access to an optimal technology network that caters to the specific needs and goals of your business. Enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology without the stress and costs of managing it yourself.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations and Expert Support Services

Office 365 offers a comprehensive solution, from improved security features to simple online storage and automatic updates. Navigating the migration process, on the other hand, might be difficult. We provide skilled Office 365 migration and support services, assuring a smooth transfer with minimal disruption to business operations. Trust us to make the transition to Office 365 as simple, secure, and painless as possible.

Microsoft Azure Services and Support

Ensure a smooth Azure Transition with Our 24/7 Support Services and Proactive Monitoring. Our team of experts is available round-the-clock to provide immediate assistance via chat, phone, or email, and in-person help if required. We don’t just wait for problems to arise; our proactive IT monitoring services identify potential issues and address them promptly.

Moreover, we strive to improve your operations, save time and money, and enhance customer service. With fourteen years of experience in providing ideal IT solutions to Florida business owners, we offer Microsoft Azure migration and support services that exceed your expectations.

IT Cybersecurity Consulting: Combat Internal and External Threats

We offer IT Security as a Service, which provides strong protection against increasing security threats.

With increasing sophistication in cybercrime, protecting the security and dependability of your IT infrastructure becomes critical. Your company faces numerous challenges, ranging from internal risks like unhappy employees to external concerns like hostile assaults. With ECW Computers, you can enhance your defenses and assure your company’s resilience in the ever-changing field of cybersecurity.

Network Penetration Testing

Network penetration testing, often referred to as a “pen” test, is a crucial evaluation that assesses the security risks within your organization’s infrastructure. This testing method simulates real-world scenarios, mimicking activities that hackers might employ to compromise your company’s data.

The comprehensive examination covers your network, network devices (such as routers and switches), and overall systems. By scrutinizing your entire cybersecurity framework, the pen test identifies vulnerabilities and exploits them in a controlled environment. This proactive approach allows you to address weak points in your security before they can be exploited by actual threats, ensuring a robust defense against potential cyber threats.

Guided by ECW IT Expertise

Our team has a wide range of professional technicians, with the shared objective of providing cutting-edge, cost-effective, and results-driven solutions and support to all of our current and future clients.

We understand how difficult it is for businesses to remain competitive and productive. We started as a small business ourselves, and throughout our years of delivering IT solutions, we’ve learned how to make technology work for you.

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We serve businesses around Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and all across South Florida.

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