6 Tips for Reducing Eye Strain from Your Computer Monitor

Do you find yourself spending a considerable part of the day staring at a computer screen? Is it a computer, smartphone, or other device? All of this time you spend in front of a computer screen can be quite detrimental to your eyes.  Computer fatigue and strain are not good for your health.

Eye Strain

Here are 6 tips to help reduce strain on your eyes:

  1. Take a Break

It Is important during long periods of time spent looking at a screen to take the appropriate break for your eyes. It is recommended to use the 20/20/2 rule, meaning for every 20 minutes of screen time the user take a 20-second break, allowing their eyes to rest, and focusing on something at least 20 feet away. Giving your eyes the proper rest will minimize strain and allow you to work more comfortably for longer periods.

  1. Be Sure To Blink Often

Make certain to blink frequently enough when looking at a screen. It is important to blink periodically, about once every 20 seconds or so. Not blinking enough, and staring for long periods of time, causes the eyes to dry out, causing redness and irritation.

  1. Ensure Proper Lighting

It is crucial to ensure proper lighting in the work area. Avoid high-intensity lamps, as this will help in reducing dark shadows and uncomfortable glares. The best approach is to place a dim light on either side of the workstation in order to eliminate shadowed areas, and create equal brightness on both sides of the screen.

  1. Place Screen In The Proper Position

For optimal viewing of a computer screen, it is important to have it in the proper position. Place the screen approximately 15 to 20 degrees below eye level, (about 4-5 inches lower), always measuring from the center of the screen. Equally important is the distance the screen is away from the face, with 20-25 inches being ideal for viewing purposes.

  1. Monitor Brightness

By keeping the monitor on a brighter setting, this will minimize the flicker rate, and cause less fatigue. Brightness causes the pupils to constrict, which equals a greater range of focus for the eye. Simply adjusting the brightness on your monitor can go a long way in reducing eye strain and making working long hours on the computer more comfortable.

  1. Minimize Glare

Glare can be distracting and cause unnecessary strain to the eyes. To avoid this, keep your monitor clean, removing all dust and dirt on a regular basis. You may also wish to consider purchasing and installing an anti-glare screen, as they can be very helpful. Another helpful tip is to keep the shades of the work area drawn, in order to prevent a glare from outside sources and sunlight.

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