5 Must Know Tips To Secure Your Manufacturing Company From Cyber Attacks!

Manufacturing IT SecurityNothing is worse than having a series of computers become infected in your company, especially if you’re running a manufacturing firm. The loss of data, and takeover of your systems, is worrisome and provides major profit losses.

Train Employees

Helping your employees understand what false links are can be all the difference of a security threat happening. While PCs tend to become infected more often, Macs can also face security vulnerabilities that can affect your day-to-day work habits. Training employees on proper usage and what threats are out there can help them make smart decisions and cost less on system repairs and support resulting from hackers and vulnerabilities.

Knowing the Difference

With many new and different types of security threats on the rise, it is important to know the difference between them, and how they act. Some respond by massive pop ups and others by telling you to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. A lot of security threats are programs acting as security software or government bodies. Here is a list of the threats you need to know:

  • Ransomware – programs that freeze your computer or encrypt your data and make you pay a fee to have access back
  • Malware – software that infects your computer and slows down your system to an unbearable or unusable state
  • CryptoLocker – specifically targeting Windows OS, this Trojan-based ransomware infects, locks down, and restricts access to important files and programs
  • Phishing – fake websites that are used to collect your email, usernames, and passwords to have access to your identity and personal information, financial details included
  • Adware – false advertisements, typically impersonating well known programs (Java, Adobe, Flash, etc.) and invading your computer, causing malware and many other threats

Secure Yourself

Having a quality security program installed is crucial to maintaining peace of mind pertaining to your company computers. Security programs can prevent many of these attacks from occurring and block malware from taking over your systems. Without this as your first line of defense, it leaves your staff vulnerable to being unable to tell the difference between real and fake ads. Some software even detects threats coming from social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Have the Right Firewall

Let’s make this simple; a firewall is a safeguard for threats trying to force their way into your systems. Viruses and malware generally infect individual computers while Firewalls protect your network. Need all your systems to be protected from the hackers? Get a firewall. One with an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) can help by preventing what comes into your system. It is based on signatures and can be linked to your company servers, giving you great protection from loss and theft of data.

Hire an IT Company

Nothing is worse than investing your time into something you shouldn’t have to worry about. Look for someone to monitor and keep your systems up to date. By hiring the right company, you can ensure yourself to be protected and monitored. Having a company a phone call away allows you to be productive and not worry about anyone stealing your information. The proper IT company will make working easy, comfortable, and worry-free. Protect yourself and start using your time on making profits greater.

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