Is Two-Factor Authentication Necessary For Businesses?

Two-factor authentication boosts security by combining usernames and passwords with a second form of identification. For example, a person might need to use a fingerprint scanner, insert a card or enter a code from a text message. Huge companies like JP Morgan and Apple have embraced 2FA after suffering serious data breaches. Major Risks It […]

Why Your Business Needs Two Factor Authentication

Why two factor authentication is becoming the new norm for data security and business. Two factor authentication is quickly becoming one of the most secure methods for accessing information, whether the system is operated by a client, employee or consumer. We’re going to cover why two factor authentication is becoming the new norm when it […]

Businesses Must Invest in 2FA

Two-factor authentication, or “2FA,” is a must for businesses. When governmental agencies such as the FBI issue warnings and detailed instructions as to why people and corporations should protect their computers from virus and malware, you know this stuff is getting real. When the Department of Justice issues a decree as to how easy it […]

Why 2FA?

Why invest in 2FA? The answer involves driving business, gaining market share, enhancing efficiency, improving customer confidence, and adding greater security to your business, your business’s data, and personal data. A recent article in Security Intelligence painted a picture as to the amount that a single data breach can cost, and those numbers are staggering. […]

Why Pharmacies Need 2FA

Two Factor Authentication or 2FA as it is known in the tech world is not entirely new. Consumers are very familiar with some 2FA products, but may not even realize its presence. Examples include bank cards, credit cards, and even some mobile-based business protocols such as VPN. With a credit card, you must have the […]